E3 2010: Ivy the Kiwi? Multiplayer Preview

By Shawn Collier on June 29, 2010, 8:43PM EDT

Earlier this month we previewed Ivy the Kiwi?, Yuji Naka of Sonic fame's latest game, being brought to North America by XSEED Games. While we touched upon the Ivy's gameplay in our earlier preview this month, the multiplayer in the title is very impressive and we thought we ought to explore it a little bit deeper.

Ivy the Kiwi has you guide Ivy, a just-hatched bird who's still in her shell and looking for her mother. By clicking on the screen using the Wiimote cursor or hitting the touch screen on the Nintendo DS and "drawing" a line, you'll create a vine which can guide Ivy, who naturally walks in a straight line until she hits a wall, in which case she'll begin walking around in the opposite direction.

In the game's multiplayer (only on the Wii), up to four players can use their Wii Remotes to draw lines for Ivy to walk on. Part of the enjoyment of this mode is due to the ability for even those not acquainted to the game to have fun, as myself and follow Gaming Union staff member Colin had never played the game before and kept drawing lines on top of each other's and bouncing Ivy from wall to wall.

For more experience players, this mode could be used to take some of the pressure off of drawing the vines, as one player could take one segment while the other player does another segment, or both players could work together to create vines faster than one player could on their own.

From what we could see during the game's presentation at E3 2010, Ivy the Kiwi? seems like it will be a great addition to all gamers, for both its single-player and multiplayer modes.

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