E3 2010: Ivy the Kiwi? Preview

By Shawn Collier on June 15, 2010, 7:11PM EDT

Those who have been following Prope's games know that the developer has some unique ideas, but many of their games so far, such as Let's Tap, were deemed too "casual" for hardcore games. However, XSEED Games's Ivy the Kiwi? appears to hit the right balance, being easy enough for newcomers, but tricky enough to satisfy the hardcore gamers out there.

Ivy the Kiwi has you guide Ivy, a just-hatched bird who's still in her shell and looking for her mother. By clicking on the screen using the Wiimote cursor or hitting the touch screen on the Nintendo DS and "drawing" a line, you'll create a vine which can guide Ivy, who naturally walks in a straight line until she hits a wall, in which case she'll begin walking around in the opposite direction.

The beginning levels are mostly a straight-line affair, but there are some hidden objects, such as coins and feathers, which can be obtained by grabbing the vine and using it as a slingshot to break specific objects, opening up new areas. We were told later levels use this aspect along with the vine maneuvering to create some very unique puzzles which will make players use their brains to find out how to best finish the level with the most amount of time remaining.

Multiplayer is available on the Wii version, which allows up to four players to help one player complete the level, as well as split-screen gameplay. The Nintendo DS version also includes a map of the stage which isn't included in the Wii version.

During our playtest we got our first try at the game and had a blast, so we expect that players will enjoy the game when it's released later this year.

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