E3 2010: Jumpgate Evolution Hands-on Preview

By Alex on June 25, 2010, 12:00PM EDT

While we got to check out Jumpgate: Evolution last year, the game looks to have advanced quite a bit since then. As a refresher, Jumpgate is an upcoming MMO developed by Gazillion Entertainment, but set in space. Unlike EVE Online, for example, Jumpgate uses a twitch combat system, meaning victory is awarded to the more skilled player, instead of the one who has sunk more time into the game. That isn't to say a new player can storm through anyone, it simply means anyone attacking you must be dealt with.

For our demo, we got to try out the Octavian starting area. Gazillion is emphasizing player-created story, so you're thrust into the game right after the intro video, and as a continuation of it. It's not exactly your run-of-the-mill starting zone, and you're sent to investigate some terrorist activity. One thing about having an MMO set in the future is that you can simply have the quest giver radio over the next part of the quest rather than returning to the town/space station, and Jumpgate moves you from objective to objective easily with this system. As well, Jumpgate won't have any instanced areas, it's all open world. So should someone wander into an area where an event is happening, it will function like a public quest. The order in which specific objectives are met can change what happens, too. During a demo, we watched as a moon exploded (!!!) and a super weapon appeared inside of it. Now players had to destroy the weapon before their capitol ship saw the brunt of an unexpected attack.

All in all, Jumpgate: Evolution is really shaping up to be an awesome game. It's unlike any other game out there and it's refreshing to see an MMO take a more skilled combat system instead of simply pressing buttons and watching animations. Unfortunately Gazillion hasn't given us a release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled for this one!

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