E3 2010: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Preview

By Colin Tan on June 16, 2010, 1:31PM EDT

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is an upcoming title being developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos, effectively making the distributor Square Enix. While the 2007 original fared relatively well, there were many complaints about the core mechanics of the game. This sequel looks to improve on those tremendously as well as add much more to the franchise. The game is on show today at E3 at the Square Enix booth and Gaming Union got a chance to sit down with it.

This time around, the game puts players in the shoes of Lynch. He's settled down in Shanghai and working as a bouncer, just having the time of his life. However, he strikes a rather sick deal which could earn him a ton of money, way more than he could ever hope for, but the job's too much for just one man; cue in Kane, his old friend from the original game, who arrives in Shanghai to help him with said job. Things obviously don't go down all too well and the entire underground criminal world ends up in hot pursuit of them. That, and Lynch has a girlfriend who gets caught up in the entire hoohah too.

From what we were shown at the show floor, Kane and Lynch 2 looks to be a rather solid shooter, with plenty of action and a lot things going on-screen. There are several multiplayer modes and they all look and play quite well. Fragile Alliance will have a team of criminals attempting to do a heist, grab the money and book it right out of the place; however, there are, of course, cops in place to prevent that. What makes it interesting is that at any one time, players that have the most money can decide to either go dutch or keep the money for themselves by eliminating the competition, aka their "partners in crime." They can also choose to split their loot 50/50 with the getaway driver, leaving everyone else behind. This gives quite the sense of paranoia as players will never know who's going to betray them. Those that do get betrayed will then respawn as cops in order to get some sweet ol' revenge.

Another mode that was showed off was the "Undercover Cop" mode. Similar to Fragile Alliance, players will start off as the criminals in order to pull off their heist. The catch is, one of them is the cop. As the undercover cop, players will have to wait until the actual heist before calling for backup in order to make the arrest. Again, the sense of paranoia here is amazing. No one knows who's the cop, so should someone decide to eliminate team mates they suspect, and turn out to be wrong, the remaining players may turn on that player instead, thinking that that's the cop.

That's not the end of it either. There is also a Cops and Robbers mode, which is pretty self-explanatory. The cops will attempt to take down the robbers who are attempting to escape with the loot. For those who aren't too comfortable jumping straight into the competitive multiplayer modes, there is also an Arcade mode available. Arcade mode allows for players to play the single player campaign with seven other AI controlled team mates, the objective of each level is to complete the heist within 4 minutes while engaging the police force. There are leaderboards available for the Arcade mode, letting players know just how good they rank.

Visually, Dog Days is looking quite impressive. Taking inspiration from home documentary and user-generated content, a la Youtube, it gives the effect like someone is filming Lynch from behind, complete with shaky cam and mosaic censors on the more graphic scenes. In conjunction with that, the screen also goes out of focus and a lot of digital noise appears whenever a player performs a sprint. This all adds up to give the game a very unique look and atmosphere.

All in all, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days looks to be a much better experience than the original, with improvements being made to both the presentation and the core gameplay mechanics. The game will be out in two months, on August 24.

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