E3 2010: MKZ Preview

By Shawn Collier on June 27, 2010, 8:49PM EDT

During E3 2010, Gaming Union got the chance to try out one of GamersFirst's newest free-to-play online games, MKZ. The company is known for release numerous online games through their website, which run on a free-to-play model, where their revenue comes in through micro-transactions in-game for various items depending on the game.

MKZ is the company's third MMO FPS title, which has players join various factions in a world where corporations have overtaken the various nations in military might. A neat touch the genre is the ability for players to create their own factions, which other players can join.

Although the version shown on the show floor was from an alpha build, the game was quite impressive graphically and controlled quite smoothly, using the traditional WASD and mouse controls. While GamersFirst had yet to decide on the bare minimum hardware needed to run the game, they did assure us that even older computers, such as Pentium 4's, would be able to play the title, although with less graphical fidelity.

We did notice some odd bugs in the alpha build, namely an amusing bug where oil drums would bounce around the map once a bomb was set on them, but minor glitches like this are to be expected at that stage and the rest of the game looks and acts perfectly fine. GamersFirst currently has MKZ set for release sometime in 2011, with their website letting players register for news about the upcoming beta.

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