E3 2010 Preview: Activision

By Adam Ma on June 11, 2010, 12:35PM EDT

Activision is a company that's been having a bit of a rough spot this past year, at least in the publicity department. A slew of Guitar Hero games, the Infinity Ward drama, and the occasional closing of a development studio never gives a good impression, but it appears this year the publisher has a pretty impressive lineup of things to show the world. E3 is a chance to turn things around, at least somewhat, and it looks like as though Activision have secured some pretty fantastic games. Fact, speculation, and alternate realities come together for this E3 Preview: Activision Edition.

First and foremost comes Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions in which Activision hopes that a Spider-Man game without massive cities to swing around will sell well. All joking aside, gamers have already been given a taste of the two dimensions that will be featured (both based off of real comic book worlds) and E3 is the perfect time to unveil the last two. Or just one, who knows. On the other end of the comic book spectrum is their latest addition to the Transformers world, who's release date is just around the corner. Still it wouldn't be surprising if they announced some last minute additions to the game, gave reviews another shot at the demo and generally pushed some hype. Maybe that's just me wishing they would add Blackout to the Decepticon lineup.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is another game that Activision will no doubt jump on every chance to promote. While many single player details have shown up over the past few weeks, it would be interesting to see if multiplayer can hold it's own. With so many people in one place, a multiplayer demo isn't completely out of the question. Nothing would build hype better than to see Black Ops live up to the expectations of Modern Warfare fans.

Activision has some other FPS games up their sleeves too, though how big of a bang they will make is up in the air. Amongst them is another Call of Duty title, developed by Sledgehammer games. Though only rumor and speculation surround the work-in-progress, some say that it could be the 3rd person CoD we've been waiting to see. If not, it'll most likely be another modern day shooter based in the war-torn region of MiddleEastastan. Activision also has Singularity coming out shortly after Transformers, but unless they've got something really special planned, I don't foresee us hearing about that game much.

Surprisingly there hasn't been much news leaked regarding hidden projects, or top secret information, but I doubt Activision would let an expo go by without announcing something new. Particularly in the wake of the Bungie-Activision alliance, the publisher is primed to draw attention in the next month. Fans of Blizzard shouldn't get their hopes up either, as Blizzcon will most likely be the spot for any news regarding Diablo, Starcraft, or World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Either way, a pretty strong lineup of games (and developers) this year means that gamers should expect something new (and not based around Guitars or Duty) from Activision at E3.

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