E3 2010 Preview: Electronic Arts

By Jordan Douglas on June 11, 2010, 1:49PM EDT

As E3 draws closer, Gaming Union continues our feature series of publisher previews before the big show. This time around it's Electronic Arts under the spotlight. The publisher has released a fairly detailed list of the game lineup for this year's conference, but there will definitely be a handful of surprises as well. We already know blockbuster titles such as Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor, and the staples of EA Sports will all be there. The question remains, what is EA still hiding up its sleeve? Mirror's Edge 2? Battlefield 3? A new Burnout? Mass Effect 3?

EA's lineup of non-sports certainly looks impressive this year. Personally, Dead Space 2 is one of my most anticipated E3 titles to see in some form next week. A playable demo would be spectacular - finally getting to hear Isaac talk, although, I'm not sure he needs to as the original did fine without it. Crysis 2 is another title that could have a very big showing. The original Crysis was the benchmark of PC graphical prowess, but now Crytek have decided to bring the sequel to consoles. Reports have been mixed as to the quality of the graphics on consoles, but ultimately it's the gameplay that will make or break this game.

E3 2010 will also be the coming out party for the Medal of Honor reboot. How will the game play after taking substantial inspiration from Modern Warfare? Well, one things for sure, when DICE is developing the online component there's something to look forward to. While not a reboot, Bulletstorm is another relative unknown at this year's show. Again coming from a strong studio in Epic Games, Bulletstorm takes inspiration from games such as Burnout, which reward players for flash and style. This time around instead of racing it will be shooting anarchy.

Of course an EA preview wouldn't be complete without some mention of EA Sports. While the company will trot its usual annual iterations, there are some newcomers to take note of. EA Sports MMA looks to dethrone the unchallenged UFC Undisputed in the mixed martial arts arena. It's odd to see EA coming from the relatively obscure end of this contest as they almost always dominate the sports license category. I'm sure Peter Moore is kicking himself that THQ beat them to the punch on that one.

Another interesting game to watch out for is Madden 11. Madden is far from a new commodity, however the additions in 11 are intriguing. An option for streamlined matches is available that allows players to skip the play calling stage and simply act as the Quarterback. Apparently it drastically reduces the game's length, which will no doubt please casual players. Online will also play a large part in Madden 11, with franchises and leagues finally coming into the forefront.

What about EA's unannounced quantities? Well, when Fredrik Liliegren, former CEO of DICE, sat down with us earlier this year, he was <a href=" HYPERLINK "http://www.gamingunion.net/news/battlefield-3-will-absolutely-blow-everyone-away--1075.html" http://www.gamingunion.net/news/battlefield-3-will-absolutely-blow-everyone-away--1075.html">quite impressed with Battlefield 3. DICE has said Battlefield 3 has been in development for some time, what better time than E3 to unveil it? Another DICE product, Mirror's Edge 2, is a possibility. That being said, the studio has clearly got enough projects on its plate to begin with, so it wouldn't be shocking to see another developer try their hand at it. Mass Effect 3 is also a long shot for the same reasons as Mirror's Edge. On the heels of Mass Effect 2's release, Bioware is busy with multiple projects at this point. Although, a teaser would have a huge impact on the show.

EA has got a diverse catalogue of games to show off at E3 next week. What we know about looks strong, and hopefully we'll get a few surprises too. Stay tuned for GU's E3 coverage from June 13th - 18th and many more publisher previews as the convention draws nearer.

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