E3 2010 Preview: Square Enix

By Adam Ma on June 9, 2010, 12:01PM EDT

Square Enix is a company with a history entrenched in the world of RPGs. Between franchises like Final Fantasy and Star Ocean, it's hard to associate them with anything else, but Square Enix has been keeping themselves busy publishing some pretty fun and (considering my preconceived notion of them) different games. So what will fans be able to expect from the infamous Square Enix? Quite a bit actually, and all of it looks pretty darn good.

In the RPG category Square Enix's two biggest games would have to be Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Though BBS is already released in Japan, it's doubtful Square Enix would pass up the opportunity to plug the franchise a bit more. More pressing however, is the new (offline) Final Fantasy, of which details have been very limited up to this point. A clip here and there, a few character backgrounds, and some flashy CG is all fans have had to chew on for quite a while now and knowing how much criticism hit their last Final Fantasy title I would expect Square Enix would want to show they've still got what it takes to make an incredible RPG.

Meanwhile those who prefer their RPG's in a more online format should expect to see some information regarding Final Fantasy XIV, the 'sequel' to the MMO Final Fantasy XI. So far we know that the game includes a slew of combat, and class changes, but more information regarding quests, dungeons, and zones would be more than welcome. With PlayOnline out of the picture for the new MMO it would also be nice to explain to fans how their account profile would/could be transferred, in addition to showing how well the game will run cross-platform on the PS3. Lot of potentially cool things there, if they decide to let us in on it.

For those who're less excited about levels, experience, and goblins, Square Enix will also have their name on a lot of other games. Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light is one of them, and could have a nice little playable demo for everyone to enjoy. Front Mission Evolved is also due out this year, and Square will no doubt have to work hard to market that the series can hold its own ground outside the TBS format.

Most exciting is the release of Deus Ex Human Revolution, set to release early 2011, it may be a bit early for them to release any hype based around the title. That doesn't mean I can't hope and beg however, as the games most recent trailer has done nothing short but blow me away. First and foremost would be to show how the new 'health regeneration' system is a positive swing from the series, as Deus Ex has been one of the last bastions of 'go-and-find-that-health-pack-you-saw-ten-minutes-ago' game design. A positive change in my book, but it has drawn a bit of criticism and E3 is really the perfect time to kill any nay-say.

Square Enix also does a fantastic job of announcing some surprise titles as well, as they're due for a new Final Fantasy announcement sometime soon (to throw the masses into hysteria). Let's just hope we see a few more new IP's out there this year. Or at least some new RPG's, it's pretty bad having to wait a few years just for a single Final Fantasy title.

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