E3 2010: Resident Evil 5 Move Hands-On Preview

By Jamie Courts on June 21, 2010, 4:37PM EDT

Among the titles shown at Capcom's booth at E3 2010, Resident Evil 5 was shown with PlayStation Move support included. It has been confirmed that anyone with a copy of Resident Evil 5 will get the move support as a free update when it releases. After some hands-on time with the move controls, it is easy to see some major errors in mapping controls.

Though the aiming works very well in terms of pointing, the controls seem to reverse when going from the movement to shooting. For example, when aiming the weapon, the left analog stick of the controller becomes camera movement instead of allowing the camera to move when reaching the corners of the screen with the pointer.

The move itself seemed to work well as a device, but using a top button for shooting, with a perfectly good trigger for switching from movement to firing seems like a poor choice of button placement. Another feature that is left out is the absence of a right stick for camera control. Using the move device when walking to move the camera around would probably solve the problem, but instead the automatic camera gets very clumsy, making an attack from behind easy for the zombies.

Overall, the move device itself was pretty impressive, but unfortunately it seems that Resident Evil 5 just won't benefit all that well from it. Resident Evil has always been known for fairly clumsy controls in the first place and it seems to remain the case even in the hands of new control devices such as Move. Hopefully there will be some work done on this mode before its release, but if not, this will be one Move feature that may be best to avoid.

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