E3 2010: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview

By Shawn Collier on June 17, 2010, 1:58PM EDT

After revealing the title at the end of E3 2009, The Legend of Zelda fans have been waiting for more news about the title, which Nintendo delivered on in their E3 2010 press conference with the subtitle for the game, Skyward Sword, as well as the first look at the game in a short trailer. For those wanting a more hands-on experience, Nintendo setup demos of the game on the show floor, and Gaming Union was able to take a look and see how it compares to the previous games in the series.

The first thing people will notice about Skyward Sword is that it fully utilizes Wii MotionPlus. Unlike Twilight Princess, which allows players to simply swing the Wii Remote in any direction and have Link swing his sword, players now have to properly swing their sword to have Link perform the action. This change in play style allows for enemies to be much more intelligent than in previous games, actively blocking the player's attacks.

Those who played Twilight Princess will remember that the game's use of motion control with the items felt tacked on, to say the least. This has been rectified in Skyward Sword, allowing players to throw bombs just as they would throw a bowling ball and slash out a whip just as you would in real life. Items are handled a little differently in this game, as switching between them happens in real-time, allowing you to still move around using the nunchuk and "move" towards the item you want using the Wii remote. This is quite a shift for the series, so players will need to keep on their toes in battle, else they'll get killed.

The graphical style is quite interesting, as it mixes Twilight Princess's more "adult" character designs with Wind Waker's cel-shaded art direction to create a style that looks very much like a painting. While there were some jaggies and rough textures, Nintendo has stated that they are still tweaking the graphics before the game's early 2011 release date.

While Nintendo has yet to confirm some of the game's rumors, such as where it takes place in the chronology and if dungeons and bosses will be tied together like in past iterations, it's clear that Nintendo is set to release a Wii Zelda title which truly takes advantage of the platform's motion controls.

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