E3 2010: Twisted Metal Hands-On Preview

By Kyle Wynen on July 2, 2010, 5:07PM EDT

Sweat Tooth may have rolled into Sony's Press Conference to reveal the new Twisted Metal for PS3, but so many of us knew it was coming and were simply glad to finally see the game. For those without any prior knowledge of the Twisted Metal series, its one of Sony's historical blockbuster series, featuring vehicular multiplayer combat, and a series that's been missing for some time now. Back on the E3 show floor in Sony's booth, Gaming Union got some short and sweet hands-on time with the game's first demo, and we can report that its looking pretty damn good.

Before we even kicked into the game, the helpful staff running the demo set the mood with a healthy dose of profanity, and why not when showcasing a mature game with the same fun tone? Already having a good time, we were dropped into a team deathmatch in the middle of a small town's downtown district. All the controls are the for the most part the same as the original Twisted Metal games, but for anyone who hasn't played Twisted Metal in a good five years or more, there are somewhat different to today's standard. Case in point: the face buttons are used for gas and break, while L1, L2, R1 and R2 are reserved for manipulating your weaponry.

Extremely fast paced and frantic, control of the cars is also quite different to what gamers are used to these days. Quick U-turns and sliding are always at your disposal, seemingly taking an arial dog-fight to the pavement. With eight players facing off during our demo time the level was a mass of combat, but the game can go all the way to 16 players online. Due to the scope of the game's environments to fit in all that action, the graphics aren't anything to write home about, but you have to keep in mind all that's going on on-screen that other games couldn't possibly handle. In that regard, it's quite impressive what the game does both graphically and in gameplay.

A lot was left to be desired from the demo unfortunately. No other modes where shown off, and matches cycled through rather quickly. It was a simple debut demo to showcase how the new game will play, however it's a testament to the mechanics and fun of Twisted Metal that despite feeling pretty much just like the old games, it still made time fly. Quite a few vehicles could be chosen from each time players were killed, with weaponry made up of the infinite gatling gun, and special pick-ups.

More hands-on time with the game is definitely needed to truly flesh out the game, however it seems Sony's saving that for now, as the game is still a while off from its release. No less, the game looks and plays great, and right to the wants of Twisted Metal fans, us included. Knowing the developers behind the game, we haven't seen all what the game has to offer just yet.

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