GamesCom: The Force Unleashed 2 Impressions

By Darryl Kaye on September 2, 2010, 6:23PM EDT

The Force Unleashed was exactly what the Star War franchise needed, a game that finally let players, as the name suggested, unleash the Force in all its glory. The amount of power was just awesome, but everything is built to be surpassed, and that's exactly what LucasArts plan on doing with The Force Unleashed 2; a game which promises more bang for your buck. And boy does it look like it's going to achieve that.

You once again take the role of Star Killer. Now, this instantly raises questions, as Star Killer was killed at the end of the last game. But, nevertheless, here you are. Darth Vader claims you're a clone of the original Star Killer, but there isn't really any evidence to support that. One thing you do know though, is that Darth Vader isn't to be trusted.

The demo I got to see at GamesCom took place in Geonosis. And while it was quite short, it was more than enough to convince me of The Force Unleashed 2's quality. It seems as though LucasArts have taken a lot of the feedback from the first game on board, as quite a lot of the game's features are directly as a result of that feedback.

The QTEs are shorter, and Star Killer can now use dual lightsabers so there's a new combat system in place. No longer will Star Killer get stuck in combos, it's now possible to break at any point. There are also a lot more grabs now, including air grabs. You'll now feel like you have much more control, and those who want to put the time in can learn some seriously cool takedowns.

There are of course, some new Force powers at Star Killer's disposal, including Mind Trick. This allows Star Killer to turn enemies against each other, or simply to make them suicide in stupid ways. When Mind Trick is levelled up, certain enemies will also be convinced to become suicide bombers. Although, with an improved physics system that includes dismemberment, using a lightsaber will be my personal preference when it comes to destroying storm troopers.

To enhance the action further, the developers assured me that there would be more "run for your life" moments. The one in the short demo had Star Killer running away from what seemed like am impending doom, while storm troopers were maimed all around. They have also introduced some new enemies to make combat more dynamic, such as a new robot which uses carbonite weaponry. While fighting this particular enemy, it also allowed the developers to highlight the weather affecting Star Killers clothing. When in rain, he now gets wet, and will dry off when going inside.

If you add in the new Force Fury mode, which makes Star Killer a walking battle tank, fans of the first game couldn't really ask for more.

I think it's really good that LucasArts have taken the time to actually listen to what people didn't like about the first game, and are trying to add more, while also improving the experience. I mean, they're even adding a Challenge Mode to give the game some more legs.

The game is due out this Fall on all major platforms.

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