GamesCom: We Sing Robbie Williams Impressions

By Darryl Kaye on September 2, 2010, 9:48AM EDT

After making their debut with We Sing last year, Nordic Games have certainly been busy. Less than 12 months on, they've just released the follow-up, dubbed We Sing Encore, and they've already got a third game on the way, We Sing Robbie Williams. You'd think they would want a break, but apparently not!

With other franchises making titles specifically branded towards certain artists, such as SingStar Abba, and Green Day Rock Band, it made sense that Nordic would choose to explore this area too. And it's a real testament to the success of the franchise and its meteoric rise that they could snap up someone as huge and influential as Robbie Williams. I'm personally not a huge Robbie fan, but I can't deny that I know the majority of his songs - he's just had so many hits over the years.

The game, at its core, will be fairly similar to We Sing Encore. There won't be any new modes added to the game, but all of the old modes will be returning. The singing lessons, which were introduced with We Sing Encore, will also make a return, but will offer a new experience, as the lessons will be tailored towards Robbie. He has also lent his voice to offer encouragement and explanation throughout the lessons and the rest of the game.

There will be 25 of Robbie's greatest hits included in the package, and although there will be no Take That songs, there are quite a few duets included with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. And because Robbie is fully on board with the project, Nordic were able to get hold of the masters. What does this mean? Well, it means that all of the tracks will be 100% instrumental - perfect for hearing how much like Robbie Williams you don't sound, or do sound.

While the game modes will all remain the same, the back-end of the game will see some minor revisions. They won't be affecting the core gameplay experience, but it's good to know the developers are still refining the game to make it a more enjoyable experience. There will also be revisions made to the presentation, with Nordic hoping to make it more tailored to Robbie's personality.

As expected, aside from the singing, We Sing Robbie Williams will include content for all those die hard Robbie Williams fans. As well as including all of the music videos for the songs, the game will also have extra videos, pictures and more. As with other games in the series though, there won't be any downloadable content available. What the game ships with is what you get.

The game is due out in October of this year and should be coming out around the same time as Robbie Williams' Greatest Hits. It will, as with the two previous games, be released on the Nintendo Wii platform.

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