Gears Of War 3 Xbox Pre-E3 Conference Preview

By Nick Young on June 14, 2010, 2:57PM EDT

At their pre-E3 conference, Microsoft, or more namely Clff Bleszinki, featured new footage of Gears of War 3 to show off the improvements made to the exclusive Microsoft franchise.

The demo started off in a jungle environment, a somewhat different setting from the usual city-scapes and caverns that Gears of War is accustomed too. More new features such as the new weapons and enemies were shown off as the demo went on.

Marcus Fenix was noticably carrying the new Pendulum Lancer, basically the same as the average Lancer but with a bayonet instead of a chainsaw. Bleszinki proceeded to show the new feature of roadie-running into enemies and sticking them with the new gun; why use bullets right? The Digger Launcher also had a brief showing off, the new gun fires a small pirhana-like creature that burrows underground to explode enemies hidden behind cover.

The new Lambent enemies also made an appearance, they seemingly spawn from out of tentacle-like structures that burst from the ground. They seemingly behave like their normal Locust counter-parts but look a little more aggresive, story-wise these enemies are supposed to attack the Locust enemies too, but there was no sign of this. The demo came to a close with an appearance of a Lambant Berserker, these enemies were well known in the previous games for barelling towards players and sadly it seems that it's all they will be doing again in the third Gears outing.

After watching the demo it seems that Gears of War 3 will be more of the same, with a few new bells and whistles attached to improve the combat and the overall gameplay. There are no real game changing innovations aside from the four player co-op, and even co-op is nothing new. The end product will most likely be a slight improvement of the previous Gears of War games, and that's all.

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