Goldeneye 007 Hands-on Preview

By Nick Young on July 29, 2010, 2:44PM EDT

The original Goldeneye, developed by Rare, has always been considered one of (if not) the best first-person-shooter of its generation. Back in 1997, Nintendo 64 owners were crowded round their TVs either shooting each other with golden guns or happily slapping Oddjob around for being too short. Goldeneye was the definitive multiplayer experience for console owners with literally nothing to compete with it. But now, more than a decade later, Nintendo have decided to update the game with a new story, new setting and a new Bond with the help of developer, Eurocom. However, there is a small problem, this isn't 1997, this isn't the original Goldeneye and there is now plenty of competition to contend with.

But as mentioned before, this is not 1997, it is 2010 and a whole new Goldeneye adventure is sitting in front of us waiting to be played. Jumping straight into the multiplayer, it was a little disappointing, but only because of the limitations of the demo. The original Goldeneye was well known for its various weapons and modes which were all missing in the build we were able to play. We only got to try out a two-player deathmatch mode with standard AK-47s, pistols and, just for fun, Oddjob's famous bowler hat which could be thrown at enemies for a one-hit kill. Because of the lack of variety, the multiplayer was tedious at best namely because there weren't even any weapon drops, this is not the way to show off a game that has so much more to offer. Unfortunately that was the only multiplayer we were shown and it really didn't set a good impression.

Fortunately the single player was a lot more exciting. Tasked with infiltrating an assumed 'Russian' facility on top of a snowy mountain to take photographic proof of any military hardware they may have in their possession. The mission started as a general spy experience, sneaking around taking out guards with a silenced P99 and moving cautiously through the shadows. That was until a guard survived two headshots and tripped the alarm. All hell broke loose, guards poured out from every corridor filling the halls with hails of gunfire, no match for the hide and recover health system that all games seem to have adopted in recent years.

Sadly after the alarm was tripped, the game simply became every other shooter out there. Peeking out of cover every so often to take out the enemies and move on to the next cover point; not the most amazing Bond experience out there.But the game isn't all bad, there may be a lot of negatives but the game is still a solid shooter, as long as players ditch the Wii-mote for the more versatile classic controller. Goldeneye 007 does try hard to be more than just a generic shooter, it just doesn't have anything to offer that hasn't been seen before.

The one time it tried something new, in the demo at least, was when Bond 'breached' a room and had to take down three enemies in slow-motion before they set off the alarm. It was a direct reminder of the breaching system from Modern Warfare 2, something that had been done before. But there in lies the problem, other FPS titles have had explored and implemented so many game ideas that there are hardly any left for Goleneye 007 to play around with.

It's a worrying thought that Goldeneye 007 may just become another generic shooter to add to the long list of others, but this is only based on a limited demo. In regards to to the Wii platform, Goldeneye 007 could actually be the best FPS it will see in the next few years. Despite the many other hardcore shooters out there, Goldeneye will always hold a special place in many fan's hearts, maybe even so that the game will be just as popular and the multiplayer just as fun. But the demo we were shown just doesn't have the feel of the original, but it may simply be a case of nostalgia, or more of a lack of it. Another problem that the game will have to overcome.

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