Impressions: RUSE With PlayStation Move

By Darryl Kaye on July 13, 2010, 2:15PM EDT

After PlayStation Move was announced, rumours started up about which games would be featuring the new technology. Many third-party games have since stated that they will be adopting the tech, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Ubisoft's RUSE is another such title. At the recent Ubisoft Summer Showcase, we got a chance to see how RUSE works with PlayStation Move.

Before starting off, it's worth pointing out that Eugen Systems, the developer of the game, clearly aren't just putting this in because they can. They are adding Move functionality because they feel it will offer something to the experience - it's not just there for fun and games. This can clearly be justified by their refusal to make the game compatible with Microsoft's Kinect, despite the game already working with Microsoft's tablet tables.

Its implementation is as one would expect. Move can be used to point at different parts of the map. However, it uses a snap system so that players don't have to be too precise. It means that players can navigate around the map with relative ease and this is complimented by how the camera works. By pressing the trigger button underneath, players are given control of the map. Moving the controller toward or away from the screen controls zoom, while moving left to right controls rotation of the camera. From what we saw, it did seem rather sensitive, but it's something Eugen are working on.

Move can also be used to access the menus. Swiping the controller from left to right quickly opens the menu, and this then becomes a point and click interface. The menu can then be closed by swiping quickly from right to left, allowing for quick accessibility to the game's various features.

After seeing it in action, Move's implementation into RUSE isn't ground-breaking. It's subtle and offers an alternative to using a controller. There will clearly be some advantages to using its point and click functionality, but those adept with a normal controller won't be hindered by not using it. It just offers something different for those who're interested.

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