Iron Man 2 Preview

By Nelson on March 22, 2010, 11:41AM EDT

Iron Man 2 is being released theatrically on the 7th of May, 2010 and as expected, there will be a video game to accompany the release. Iron Man 2: The Video Game, which is being released around the same time, will see Sega attempting to move away from the video game movie stereotypes, a stereotype that the first game didn't help to steer clear of. High Voltage Software (The Conduit) have been brought on board to tackle the Wii version of the game, and there are to be other notable changes.

The first change revolves around the story. Unlike a lot of games that follow closely to their respective movies, Iron Man 2: The Video Game has its own brand new story written entirely for the game by Iron Man comic writer Matt Fraction. Players will once again able to take control of billionaire Tony Stark as his technology inspired persona of Iron Man. But at the heart of it all the story revolves around saving the world from destruction. Along with the new standalone story, players will also get to play as War Machine voiced by Don Cheadle, with Samuel L. Jackson is appraising his role as Nick Fury in the video game. Players will also be interested to know that the Crimson Dynamo has been announced to be one of the villains appearing within the game.

The game also boasts a lot more interactivity with enemies, involving more or a cinematic feel to encounters. Players will be able to see Iron Man get up, close and personal with his "victims". There is also a strong emphasis on customisation being portrayed through the use Tony Stark's research, which will allow players to build and customise weaponry, specifically ammo types and modules that affect the way they fire. These customisations are enabled via collecting field date through missions, and any customisations directly affect the appearance of Iron Man's suit. To top it off, an element of destruction further adds to the overall intensity of Iron Man's arsenal allowing him to lay waste to practically everything in sight from enemy structures to vehicles.

The first game before didn't do all that well, due to some rather poor control usage, however, with Iron Man 2 it's it looks like this problem has been rectified. Controls are looking to be far more adept, with the inclusion of a lock on system and changes to how Iron Man attacks make for a much stronger, fluid control system. Context sensitive situations also add to a lot of the combat creating a much needed action boost. Levels are also surprisingly more open and varied with stealth and flight sections making appearances too. Graphically the game is looking moderately impressive, but only time will tell how well it actually turns out.

Irrespective of this it's often a sad case that many times a movie serves as the inspiration for a purchase. However, most of the time it ends up doing more harm than good due to the poor experience in comparison. It seems that Sega are really trying to avoid this though, as what's been shown so far has gone more into the hands of what fans of the comic series would come to expect from the Iron Man series. Iron Man 2 has he potential to do everything much better this time around, we'll just have to wait and see if it pulls it off.

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