Kung-Fu Live Hands-On Preview

By Darryl Kaye on October 27, 2010, 11:26AM EDT

There's a huge buzz about Kinect at the moment, but people seem to be forgetting that Sony has a device called the PlayStation Eye and that games of a similar nature are just as viable on the PlayStation 3. It's something which the Virtual Air Guitar Company are keen to prove with Kung-Fu Live, a game where you are the controller, although you can use controllers too if you wish.

Using the PlayStation Eye, the game scans your body and reacts to what movements you make. If you do a punch, it'll realise you've done a punch, if you do a kick, you guessed it, it'll recognise you've done a kick. More impressively, if you do a back flip, it'll recognise that you've done a back flip. There are no real limitations, so you can fight how you want. Speed and placement are quite important though, especially for performing special moves.

One of the moves, the Power Punch, requires you to move to the side quickly, with your arms in a specific location - the faster you move, the more damage you'll do to your opponent. Sliding from side-to-side is also a good way to move around the screen quickly, although walking works fine for covering short distances. Other special moves include the Ground Smash, which involves the player jumping up in the air and punching the floor on their way down, slowing down time, which involves them placing their hands up and the Lightning Bolt.

There's a good amount of variety, but it's a shame the option to block isn't included. Instead, evasion is promoted. When an enemy is about to strike, the game gives visual clues shortly before so you can either duck, jump or evade out of the way. You can also perform huge back-flips by jumping with your arms in a certain formation, it's a lot of fun.

It's also rather tiring. Play through a couple of rounds properly and you'll probably realise just how un-fit you are. Play through survival mode and you'll likely shed more than a few calories.

There are ten different levels to play through and there are some boss fights too, which are quite innovative. To mix things up, and get you more involved, there are also storyboard sections. The game is based on a comic strip and so, you get to be the main protagonist in the comic. The game makes you pose for pictures and then transports you into the comic realm. You can even export these comics and share them with people.

To add replay value, there is also a Mayhem Designer, which is essentially skirmish. You can select the level and which enemies you want to fight as well as their difficulty. On top of this are the Endurance modes which are never ending. And rounding out the selection is the versus mode, whereby the main player can fight up to four others, who use controllers. Their controls are deliberately clunky to give the main player a chance, and it's a load of fun.

Kung-Fu Live is a load of fun and a serious work-out too. It's not going to teach anyone to be a martial artist, but it will allow people to enjoy spending time together because literally anyone can play the game and have a good time. Be sure to check it out later in this year on PlayStation Network.

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