Rock Band 3 Preview: A Game For Everyone

By Jamie Courts on June 16, 2010, 1:26PM EDT

After a meeting with Harmonix showcasing Rock Band 3, new features that have been announced in the past week have been fleshed out to give more detail on the keyboard, multiple play modes, and the new pro mode which allows players to use a real guitar in game.

One of the first announcements made was that Rock Band 3 will ship with a total of 83 songs on disk. Along with that, keyboard parts will only available for most of the new songs, but with multi-instrument compatibility for different instrument parts which allows keyboard to be active the whole time. For example, a player can use a keyboard to play a guitar part and vice versa. This allows for up to 7 players to play at once, no matter which parts are available to them.

Rock Band 3 will have a mode to appeal to what they have defined as the three types of players who play Rock Band. The first mode is a pick up and drop out mode for casual players who may play at a party. This mode allows players to pick up an instrument and start playing, with the ability to drop out at any time without going through menus to add a player on to the game. The second mode is for hardcore single player. The single player story has been blown out to create a more story based game, rather than playing a set list and the game ends. The third mode is for group players who want to progress in a story. Players can do a mini-tour lasting between 2-4 hours to give the sense of accomplishment to sitting down with the game and rocking out together in a set amount of time.

All of the modes added to the interface of the game will allow for a great experience for anyone who wants to play Rock Band. Especially with the addition of pro mode, which allows players to literally play the song with a real keyboard, pro guitar, or pro drums. Now everyone from the casual, to the actual musician can play Rock Band without complaining that it's too hard, or too easy.

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