The Force Unleashed 2: What We Know So Far

By Adam Ma on July 31, 2010, 6:30PM EDT

Just watching the Force Unleashed 2 trailer tells us a few things. Galen Marek (aka Starkiller) is supposedly back in clone form, and he's absolutely fantastic at killing stormtroopers. Darth Vader is still plotting to do something with his old apprentice, which may include making a clone army, and no doubt the fate of the universe will somehow hang in the balance. There's a lot going on in Force Unleashed 2, and between all the fancy CG movies and trailers it can be hard to keep track. Fortunately, we've made a handy little list of new features for everyone's convenience. So lets take a look at what the Force Unleashed 2 actually has to offer us, and why it may be worth looking into regardless of your feelings on the original.

Story-wise things are still a little convoluted since everything we've learned up until this point have been facts to hype up the crowd. As of this point, Darth Vader, still reeling from the betrayal of his former apprentice, has taken the body of Marek and cloned the young Jedi at the infamous Kamino. The current Starkiller seems to be the result of many failed clones, and exists with fractured memories of his past life. After being assaulted by the memories of his past, Starkiller heads out into the universe to discover the truth of his past.

Throughout his journey he'll meet a few characters from the first game, and thanks to fans complaining that they wanted to see a familiar face in the series; Boba Fett will making a cameo, hunting down the runaway clone. The game will also take players across the Star Wars universe, visiting planets such as Dagobah to meet veteran characters like Yoda. The plot has the familiar stink of fan service, but as long as the gameplay is solid, how much does it matter anyway? It's not like any movie or game could undo the last three movies in the first place.

Fortunately it looks like a lot more attention has been given to the gameplay this time around, and even just a few of the implemented changes sound wickedly cool. In addition to more detail being put into the physics engine that they worked so hard to make for the first game, combat is being given a detail-boost. Enemies will lose limbs when struck, and a more refined targeting system should make fights a lot easier. Force powers from the last game will be making a comeback, in addition to a few more abilities like Mind Trick, which will let Starkiller trick enemies into becoming allies. Or, subsequently make them think walking off a cliff is a fantastic idea.

Plot aside, things are looking absolutely fantastic for this sequel. The action sequences in the first game were fun, but often times hampered by unnecessary technical issues. With luck, things will change dramatically this time around as more refinements are being made to an already well established system. More action, bigger fights, and better lightsaber duels are almost guaranteed in Force Unleashed II, which is nice. But even more exciting is knowing that the developers appear to be actually fixing some of the issues that plagued the first game and interrupted what was otherwise a fun and engaging experience.

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