The Sims Medieval Preview

By Darryl Kaye on November 10, 2010, 6:05PM EDT

With regards to modern life, The Sims have done it all. They've had house parties, been on vacations, struggled through the education system and had a fine time raising pets. Basically, what anyone currently in existence is familiar with. What they haven't done, is take a look at something else and this is where The Sims Medieval comes in, as it's a Sims game focussed on the Medieval era.

Given the new outlook for our Sims, the game has had a slight change of focus. Now, the game will focus on a bunch of Heroes, Quests that they perform and the Kingdom as a whole. It creates an atmosphere that's much more akin to the older days.

The Kingdom has various buildings, such as a Marketplace, a Tavern and a Cathedral and each one of these has a specific purpose. For example, you can use the training yard to hone your skills and visit the Tavern for some entertainment.

However, it all starts with the King who will rule the Kingdom. You naturally get to design him, but you also have to set his ambitions. This is done through a tree system; once an ambition has been accomplished some more unlock and it's up to you to decide which path you want your Kingdom to go in. You must also select a fatal flaw for the King, something which will come to haunt him in the future.

As you progress, you'll be able to obtain more characters, although you can only have one of each type. For example, you can only have one Scout and only one Warlock. These can be individually customised to your needs though and changed at any time, much like the appearance of all the buildings. It's all very simple too and you can change the mood of a room in no time at all.

The final aspect is the Quests, which come in varying shapes and sizes. Some might take a Hero out of action for weeks, while others might be rather small, like trying to search for a missing child. You can use any Hero to perform a Quest and naturally they have their own way of getting results. The Warlock can use spells and attempt to decipher information, while the Scout might be more cunning with his information extracting. There is also a full turn-based combat system including spells, which will play a part too. It looks like it will be rather fun, especially where the Warlocks are concerned.

Overall, The Sims Medieval looks like it will be taking The Sims franchise in a nice new direction. It will allow people to live out their Medieval fantasies, while also experiencing some light role-playing.

The game is being released on PC and Mac and the current prospective release period is March 2011.

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