Trauma Team Hands-On Preview

By Jamie Courts on April 15, 2010, 10:23AM EDT

The Trauma Center series has been around for quite a while now, releasing skillful surgery games on both the DS and Wii platforms. This time around, the Trauma Center series has expanded on the Wii, offering the team experience of multiple characters combining one mass story centered around one specific hospital and its staff. Trauma Team is the latest surgery game for the Wii from Atlus and features much of the same surgery aspects of the original, although this time around, there is a team of doctors who each have their own specific tasks.

Trauma Team consists of six different doctors who each specialize in a different field. Each doctor's tasks vary from the base operating room surgery to forensics, diagnostics, and emergency response. Each of the surgeons also have a unique personality that intertwines with the others in the game.

Trauma Team morgueThe six doctors have very different back stories, ranging from doctors dealing with family issues to a convicted felon being given a second chance to save lives, and even a surgeon who spends his time as a part-time superhero when he's not at the hospital. There is definitely a lot of flavour to the story because of all these different characters intertwining with one another.

The really interesting thing with Trauma Team is the variety in the game compared to earlier titles in the series. Each of the six surgeon offers a different gameplay element. For example the forensics differs greatly from the surgery, and emergency response situations speed up the surgery. Everything has its own twist.

The endoscopy, surgery, emergency, and orthopaedics all play fairly similarly, but it's the specific tools and techniques each bring to the table that differentiates them. It's really nice to have these various surgery types spread out compared to previous DS instalments where tools became too numerous and confusing to pick through in a pinch. Now these various types offer specialist areas of work without becoming overbearing.

Trauma Team Orthopaedics The diagnostics and forensics both have a very different play style compared to the more traditional surgeon gameplay. Both of these modes are more of a mystery solving sort of game. The diagnostics involve checking patients for health concerns and diagnosing problems with the patient, whether it be an illness or a disease. The forensics almost becomes a CSI role in which the player not only performs an autopsy on the victims, but also investigates crime scenes in a sort of seek and find clue mode, as well as listening to recordings of suspects to decipher the case.

There are also a bunch of small touches added to the modes that use the controls of the Wii in a really interesting way as well. For example, players can use the remote and nun-chuck as a stethoscope to determine off patterns in breathing and check for heart problems. The forensic mode also uses the remote and speaker as a phone to hold up to your head and listen.

Trauma Team is off to a pretty exciting start, and players can expect to get their hands on the game for the Wii on May 18 in North America, and June 17 in Japan. Players can also expect a review from Gaming Union as the release date approaches.

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