E3 2011: Anarchy Reigns Multiplayer Hands-on Preview

By Colin Tan on June 26, 2011, 3:59AM EDT

Anarchy Reigns is yet another title that Platinum Games is working on for Sega. Like their recent portfolio of games, it includes crazy characters and over-the-top gameplay. An online multiplayer brawler is certainly an interesting concept and one that hasn't been done before "“ at least not in recent years seeing as the only hit title I can recall is Super Smash Bros. So what was it like? Well, I picked up the controller, battled valiantly against several Sega reps, did not win, but came out rather impressed regardless.

Anarchy Reigns has quite a few characters to choose from, most of whom were last seen in MadWorld for the Wii. Sega has announced just eight for the moment, but I was assured that more were to be announced in the near future. In any case, each character has their own pros and cons, be they big, powerful and slow, or small and "a little bit more nimble," while sacrificing power in the process.

The battle mode on show was Battle Royale, a free-for-all where each player attempts to rack up as many points as possible. The game works surprisingly well and it's a wonder this has not been done before. Unleashing combos is as simple as tapping on the face buttons. You've got a light, heavy, grab and of course a special attack. Players can attack whomever, whenever. Steal a kill, double team, backstab, you name it, whatever you can think of to secure a win, you can pretty much do it.

Anarchy Reigns - Sasha

I'll be honest. This game is flippin' ridiculous. The action is over-the-top, fast-paced and made all the more insane with the pumping soundtrack. Despite getting ganked all over the place, Anarchy Reigns does not hold back on the fun. It may be a fast-paced brawler, but there's also a surprising amount of strategy to the gameplay.

Charging in and attacking works at times, if it's one-on-one or if you have a powerful attack to knock back your opposition. Sometimes, it's smarter to hold back, let someone make the first move, then jump in when they're weak, especially when playing characters like Sasha and Zero, who are small and fast, but lack a considerable amount of killing power.

Anarchy Reigns - Sasha and Zero

It's certainly a very unique experience and one that promises a lot of fun. Fast-paced, over-the-top violence, easy to grasp gameplay mechanics and a naturally competitive online nature make Anarchy Reigns an action game that everyone should watch out for. Then again, it's PlatinumGames who's behind this title, do fans expect any less from the developers that brought the world Bayonetta, MadWorld and Vanquish? Nothing less, I say. Keep you eyes peeled for it when it hits stores early next year.

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