E3 2011: Measure Up (Wii U) Preview

By Lauren Alessandra on June 14, 2011, 12:01PM EDT
Wii U

As seen at Nintendo's Press Conference, the Wii U has the potential of doing many things. It can act as a handheld, a weight chart for Wii Fit, or even a tablet. It's only natural that at Nintendo's booth, each of the tech demos showcased a little bit of something to give players a taste of what the Wii U controller is all about. So, how does Measure Up, a two player line drawing tech demo fit in?

Measure Up is designed to showcase a competitive drawing game where players draw shapes and lines to the best of their ability. It challenges players on how well they can judge the size of lines and shapes by going head to head with a friend. They are judged not only on the size of the line/shape, but also how well they draw them.

So if the game says to draw a straight one inch line, the player will need to draw a straight one inch line and will be given points based on how close to the size they are as well as how well they drew the line. One small curve in a straight line could mean 15 points knocked from the player's score. It's easy to see how this game could get competitive really fast as each objective is scored out of 100 points.

The game also becomes a bit embarrassing at times when a player believes they're drawing a line that's 3 inches long, when in fact they drew one that was 5 inches long, or worse, a line that was really short.

There are many different objects a player can be expected to draw, whether it's a circle that measures two inches in diameter or an angle that has an incline of 81 degrees. Some of the shapes also allow players to get a bit creative, such as drawing a squiggly line. It might sound simple, but it's really not. When things get condensed, distances can be very deceptive and it's cool that the Wii U is able to untangle the mess you've drawn in order to calculate the length of it.

At the end of a round, each player's points are tallied up, given a score out of 100 and compared to each other. At the end of the game, all of these points are added together and the player with the highest amount of points wins "“ it's really quite simple. But given the tech demo nature of the experience, not much else can really be expected.

There are many opportunities for this type of game to do well for the Wii U, especially as far as learning development go. Studying for a geometry test? Why not play a game of Measure Up instead? It can also be used to help children learn to write, or even draw, as shown during Nintendo's press conference.

As with all of the Wii U games featured at E3, Measure Up is simply a demo to showcase the Wii U's potential, but I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes one of the system's first titles in one form or another.

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