Street Fighter x Tekken Preview

By Colin Tan on June 28, 2011, 9:00PM EDT

Ryu and Ken versus Kazuma and Nina. If that isn't one of the most epic match-ups in the history of video game fights, then I don't know what is. It was simple enough deciding on which characters to use. Our Editor-in-Chief Darryl is a Tekken man whilst I'm more of a Street Fighter fan myself, thus the most epic three rounds of tag-team action kicked off.

Rendered in beautiful, stylized 3D and played on a 2D plane, this may look like Street Fighter IV, but mechanically, it's a whole other beast. With the addition of a tag-team system and some interesting tweaks, it's certainly much more combo-heavy and faster in delivering the action.

Controls are similar to some of Capcom's VS. titles, combos are strung together relatively easily and characters can be juggled with a launch attack. Players can also knock opponents out of the round, forcefully swapping in their partner. Combine that with impeccable timing and you can string together some pretty fancy combos, all the while juggling between opponents.

Street Fighter x Tekken -

Tekken characters, however, can be quite powerful and Capcom are still fine tuning the balance at this point. Tekken fans will be glad to know that, regardless of the inclusion of heavy punch and kick, the standard 4-button combos are here, a setup that'll feel immediately familiar.

Street Fighter x Tekken is essentially a game that marries the two franchises quite nicely. Fans from either side aren't likely to be alienated by things like controls and neither side will be incredibly overpowered either. Even newcomers to the genre should be able to join in the fun with relative ease.

Unlike other crossover titles from Capcom, you won't even be required to defeat all remaining fighters in a round. In fact, you need only defeat one and sweet victory will be yours. It's round-based of course, so you'll have to best your opponent accordingly. EX moves and Ultras have been brought over from Street Fighter IV as well, although button inputs are slightly easier this time around and take after games like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. You can build up your EX bars, use a section for an EX attack, tag your partner, or charge up to unleash a Super.

Street Fighter x Tekken -

At this point, there were only seven characters to either side of the franchises in the demo, with an additional two silhouetted fighters "“ who they are is as good as anyone's guesses. Unfortunately, we did not get to see or play as Cole MacGrath from inFamous 2. It certainly would've been rather amusing.

Street Fighter x Tekken is looking good, to say the least. Fans of either franchise can definitely look forward to some of the most epic match-ups to ever grace the genre when it hits PS3 and Xbox 360. Producer Yoshinori Ono also formally announced the title for the PlayStation Vita at this year's E3 while a 3DS version is still up in the air.

Oh. And Team Street Fighter won! Eat it.

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