We Sing Rock Event Preview

By Lauren Alessandra on October 24, 2011, 11:59AM EDT

There are those who dance, there are those who play guitar, and then there are those who sing. The 'We Sing' series is one made especially for the karaoke lovers out there who perhaps prefer to hold on to the mic for dear life than touch a drum set. Unlike We Sing and We Sing Robbie Williams, We Sing Rock is specifically directed to those who love all things rock, therefore anything spandex and covered in eyeliner is most welcome.

We recently had a chance to go and check the game out in a lovely karaoke bar and we were quickly wailing away to some tracks from top artists like Alice Cooper, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Offspring, and, the king of rock himself, Elvis. There's a song for every generation of rocker whether you're 10 years old or 50 years old. With so many different styles of rock, it's really easy to find a rock song that suites everyone.

Like the other We Sing games, notes will scroll across the screen on top of the song's official music video. Under "Party" mode, you will be able to play with other family members, but there's many different ways to play this game with partners. For example, in "We Sing" mode, players will see their notes well before they need to sing them and your score, as shown on the top of the screen, will reflect how well you performed. However, in "Blind" mode, the notes won't display before you sing but will instead display the note after you've successfully hit it. There are plenty of other modes too, but we'll touch on those when we publish our review in the coming weeks!

We Sing Rock also provides a way for you to review your past performance and add effects to your voice - something which we had plenty of fun with. For those who need a bit more practice with their karaoke skills, there are about 30 levels worth of Singing Lessons which will definitely do the trick. In-game awards are given by playing single and multiplayer modes. but we didn't get a chance to unlock many of them.

As with the previous games, We Sing Rock is designed so up to four different people can sing their hearts out at the same time. It also incorporates some of the newer additions, such as "Star Notes" to make things a bit more competitive. Those that are mainly for advanced singers though. Generally, you are your own worst critic, but perhaps if you like to have an outsider's opinion, after each song, you can access your player statistics and review comments made about your performance.

The We Sing games in general are great additions to any party and We Sing Rock is no different. With a great amount of tracks spanning nearly 50 years of music, there's bound to be a song that catches your eye. If you have yet to try out a We Sing title or if perhaps you were looking to play a rock focused karaoke game, We Sing Rock could be the one to look out for.

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