Grand Theft Auto V: Everything We Know So Far

By Spencer Pressly on September 9, 2013, 11:11PM EDT

Rockstar has been keeping fans waiting for Grand Theft Auto V for five years and next week the game will finally release to millions of fans who still don't know much about this latest title. That is what makes Rockstar Games so interesting because they don't play by the same rules as any other company in the video game industry. For example GTAV has only eight trailers showing off the game and this is the only footage you will see from the game before it releases. The company is very strict with who they will show the game off to or even just be interviewed by. This doesn't mean that we will be going into GTAV's release blind and we have compiled all the information you need to know before playing the game next week. There will not be any story spoilers so don't worry about anything ruining your experience in this preview!

While the main story mode in GTAV will focus around three very different protagonists that you can play at any point in the game you don't actually get to play as all three of them from the get go. Rockstar has said that they are going to keep the game's opening a secret at all costs until release, but did say that you will not be able to play as fan favorite Trevor at first. Also if anyone has paid attention to the character switch icon on the game's HUD from the gameplay video released recently, you may notice that there is actually a blank slot at the bottom of our main 3 characters. This slot is actually for your custom made character to use in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The cellphone will still be an integral part to GTAV, but going into online will be as simple and quick as switching from Trevor to Franklin. GTA Online will be filled with not only tons of activity and modes to play with your friends online, but there are quite a few things you might not have known about the ambitious online mode launching October 1st. First off GTA Online sticks with 16 players online in a world similar to GTAIV, so the rumors suggesting 100 player sized room were not true at least for consoles. On a positive note, players will be able to do more online than ever before.

For the first time ever in a GTA game, the online mode will have it's own story mode different from the main games story. Although if you were like many others who loved playing GTAIV online, freemode is where all the fun was had. Now Rockstar has given players to do much more than just drive around and shoot in an online environment. In GTA Online players will be able to rob convenience stores, play tennis together, and even come over to any players customized house. At the house you can sit and listen to music, watch live TV together, and even smoke some weed if your feeling generous. This just scrapes the barrel of what players will be able to do online with the millions of players excited to hop on. Although if you are the kind of person who likes playing alone or with friends only, GTA Online will let you make private online worlds.

Going back to TV and radio, Rockstar is going all out in terms of content for both this time. There will be over 250 licensed songs for you to listen to while playing and there will even be a new dedicated wheel to select your favorite station this time even quicker. Sadly no word on how Lazlow will be featured in the game, but he has been confirmed by himself to be making an appearance somewhere. Radio stations will range from Old school country music, classic rap, new school rap, electronic, talk radio, and much much more. Also as a neat side note GTAV will feature the series first complete score of original music that has will blend dynamically while playing the game and could score over 20 movies it is that long.

TV was a surprise for many fans of the series in GTAIV, but this time Rockstar are bringing even weirder kinds of content to CNT and Weasel (the worlds two major TV stations shown off). The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned toyed around with different kinds of TV shows and even dabbling into anime with Princess Robot Bubblegum and have even crazier ideas for shows in GTAV. The ridiculously over the top ads will obviously be included as well making fun at a wide variety of things.

Touching on the topic of the cellphone again, each character has a phone they use similar to GTAIV, but far less intrusive. so while it will be offering you activities to do with friends, don't worry about any sort of Cousin Romans's bother you at all hours of the day/night. Each characters phone aren't just skins and actually will allow you to do certain things depending on what characters phone you have. It is a safe bet that Trevor has a burner phone with limited ability on it, but hey who knows maybe is a fan of current technology.

The gameplay in GTAV is almost like a collaboration from all of Rockstars games made over the years in one title. Rockstar is talking about the game having the driving controls of Midnight Club, Openness of Red Dead, and the gunplay of Max Payne. The amount of guns to choose from this time is going to be the largest and most diverse of weapons on GTA history. All of the three main characters have a special meter they can fill up that lets them pull off special actions that only they can do.

Michael will be able to slow down time and have much more improved shooting abilities similar to bullet time in Max Payne. Franklin has a similar affect, but with improved driving skills. Finally, Once Trevor builds his meter can deal twice as much damage to anyone in his way while taking half the damage he normally would in a berserker like fashion. Your online character has been teased to have a special power of their own to use online, but nothing specific has been revealed. Rockstar has been able to make bullet time work online in Max Payne 3.

It is undeniable that Grand Theft Auto V will be the one of the best selling games of the year. Rockstar has a lot riding on GTAV after developing the game for over five years, but the studio has never let anyone down before when releasing a highly anticipated title and GTAV doesn't seem like it will disappoint. Hopefully you were able to learn something new in this preview of one of 2013's biggest games and if you thought we might have left out an interesting fact about the game that isn't a spoiler fell free to leave it in the comments below.

Grand Theft Auto V will release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 September 17th.

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