JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle Import Report

By Melissa Evans on July 3, 2013, 5:13PM EDT

About a year ago JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle or JoJo no Kimiyou na Bouken Oru Suta Batoru was announced in the Japan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. It will be the first game from the series since 1998, when an arcade game centering around the third and most popular part of the manga was released.

All Star Battle will be in 3D on the PS3 and for the first time will feature characters from all eight storylines of the manga. Sadly it doesn't look like this interesting title will be making its way to the west, but it has grabbed plenty of attention out here and deserves all the recognition it can get.

Before we can get into what is known about the game so far, let's introduce the eight main characters and their powers.

First up, we have Jonathan Joestar, the protagonist of Part 1. He's a young man from the Victorian Era who went from a scrawny British kid to strong and confident fighter. He controls the Ripple, an ancient martial art that is based on using the energy of the sun's rays through breathing and empowering the body with solar energy.

Protagonist of part 2 is Joseph Joestar. Jonathan Joestar's grandson is also a Ripple user. He infuses the ripple into different objects such as clackers, a one occasion a coke bottle, and even his own hair.

Jotaro Kujo is the protagonist of part 3. He's the grandson of Joseph Joestar and first of the JoJo protagonists to use a Stand or a manifestation of an individual psyche. (think Persona's from the Persona series) His Stand Star Platinum possesses super human senses such as strength, stamina, accuracy and even speed.

The protagonist of part 4 is Josuke Higashikata, a high school student who's the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. His Stand Crazy Diamond can restore objects and organisms which can provide for some vey interesting feats such as trapping an enemy. It has power to heal other's injuries but cannot heal Josuke's.

Giorno Giovanna leads the way in part 5. He's a Japanese teenager who lives in Italy and is part of the mafia gang Passion. Girono dreams of defeating their boss and becoming a kind hearted boss who gives riches to the poor. He controls the Stand Gold Experience that has the power to control life to produce plants and small animals even being able to change objects into organic life.

For part 6, the protagonist of is Jolyne Kujo. She's the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and come across as a rebellious girl. So much so that she lands herself in a prison where a priest desires to recreate the universe. Her Stand is Stone Free, which grants Jolyne the ability of unravel parts of her body into string.

Johnny Joestar comes in as the protagonist for part 7. He's an alternate universe counterpart of Jonathan Joestar and a jockey who becomes paraplegic after a series of tragic events. Using his Spin ability along with his Stand Tusk to shoot projectiles from his fingers and reach speeds on his horse to be able to cut anything in his path and even numb the enemy's senses.

Last up, we have JoJolion Josuke. He's an amnesiac man who has no memories of his life and therefore not much is known about him. He is adopted by the Higashikata family and gains the name Josuke. His Stand is called Soft & Wet and it can steal something from anything and take it for itself such as the eyesight of his enemy or their body's friction.

All Star Battle will contain the following confirmed modes: story mode, campaign, versus mode, practice, customize, gallery mode, and an online mode. The story mode has been described as unconventional. It is unclear what this will mean, but it is sure to prove interesting. In customization mode players will be able to choose different color pallets and costumes for each character, change their win quotes, and even poses.

Each and every character has a Style button that dictates how they fight. For instance, Jotaro's Style summons Star Platinum, and Joseph's utilizes his Ripple. The different gauges in battle are for health, guard (a gauge that depletes while guarding against attacks causing the character to guard crush when empty), and Heart Heat (the super gauge). Certain characters have their own unique gauges, for example Joseph's strength is his Ripple attacks and Guido Mista has one that shows the amount of bullets he has at that moment.

Regarding the Heart Heat gauge, one stock is used to perform a "Heart Heat Attack" and two is used to perform a "Great Heat Attack". Taunting an opponent will deplete the enemy's Heart Heat gauge by half a stock. Once the round is won, this causes some flashy animations to play. Using the Guard Gauge characters can perform a Stylish Move in which they strike one of their poses causing them to dodge an attack completely. This is a great way to gain a chance for a counter-attack.

The game will have chain combos that contain weak, medium and strong attacks. There is also the "Easy Beat" option that lets you press the weak attack button and with the proper timing the result will be a combo with a "Heart Heat Attack" at the end.

Certain characters will show up in the background of stages as a stage hazard where they will do things such as causing a chandelier to fall or using their Stand to create rain. There will also be stage finishers that occur when you finish off an opponent with either a super or ultra move. The stage will then finish them off. For example, the coliseum stage from part 2 has demon horses that trample the character to their death.

It is also confirmed that two characters can take part in a clash that happens when two attacks oppose each other at the same time. A button-mashing contest takes place to decide the victor.

So far 31 characters have been confirmed to be playable, one of them already being set as DLC for preordering the game. A few more will be announced before it releases on August 29th in Japan. We hope to provide an import report shortly after its debut.

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