Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Demo Impressions

By Mike Sousa on July 20, 2014, 9:17AM EDT

With so many anime-based games/series out there, only a small few manage to actually be an outstanding experience. The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series is one of those series, one that can easily rival the actual anime in terms of quality. The next entry in the series, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, promises to deliver same quality experience delivered by its predecessors. The gameplay remains similar, but new additions and a few changes were made.

The demo offers you four characters to choose from: Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and Mecha Naruto. Based on the demo, it's safe to assume that CyberConnect 2 has went through the effort of making these characters "˜fresh', as the move set and animations for Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi have been slightly changed. Hopefully these won't be the only characters to feature a few changes.

Regarding the gameplay, two new additions were made: Guard Break and Counterattack. Guard Break, which is basically an attack that breaks your opponent's guard, will replace one of the player's slot items. When it's used successfully your opponent will be left unconscious for about two seconds, giving you time to either recover chakra or deliver powerful attacks. As for Counterattack, this action can be used by holding the R2 and press the square button when you are about to be attacked, and if done successfully, the opponent will be left unconscious for about three seconds. However, unlike Guard Break, Counterattack will require precise timing, and will not only consume chakra but decrease your chakra gauge limit temporarily as well.

Ultimate Jutsus, Awakenings and Support types, will also make a comeback in this title, however, it will be different from previous entries in the series where you could use all of these actions in battle. Before the battle starts, players will have to choose between three team types: Ultimate Jutsu Type, Awakening Type, and Drive Type. In addition, there's also the Storm Gauge, which fills up when players inflicts/receives damage, uses supports, or uses actions that consume chakra. When this gauge is full, players will be able to use the real potential of each team type.

By choosing Ultimate Jutsu Type, players will be able to use the character's Ultimate Jutsu in battle. Depending on your team, a Combination Ultimate Jutsu can also be unleashed, where specific pairings, such as Naruto and Sasuke, Kakashi and Guy, or Naruto and Minato, combine their powers to deliver a devastating attack. In addition, when the Storm Gauge is full, the Team Ultimate Jutsu will be available to use, in which your character and its supports combine their attacks before delivering an Ultimate Jutsu on your opponent. Overall, this is the ideal team type for those that are waiting for an opening to deliver massive damage.

With Awakening Type, players will be able to use two types of Awakening Mode: Awakening and True Awakening. Awakening grants you a slight boost in power and can be activated at any time as long as your chakra gauge is at 40% or higher. True Awakening on the other hand is where you will be able to unleash the character's "˜true potential' by either giving your character a huge boost in power, or use transformations such as Naruto's Kyuubi mode or Sasuke's Susanoo. True Awakening can only be activated when the Storm Gauge is full and your chakra is at 100%. This team type ends up being more suited for those that like to go all out and corner the opponent, leaving it no time to breathe.

Lastly, there's the Drive Type, a team type more dedicated to the support that your team gives you in battle. In previous entries, before the beginning of the battle, you could set your support characters to either attack along with you or defend you while you were recovering chakra or defending. Now you will be able to switch between these types of support in the middle of the battle. In addition, when your chakra is at 50% or higher, you can use Support Drive 2, which will grant your support characters the ability to use both types temporarily. When the Storm Gauge is full, players will be able to use the Seal Barrier. This attack not only deals damage, but also temporarily seals your opponent's support characters, Ultimate Jutsu, Awakening, Support Drive and Seal Barrier, something that will give the player a huge advantage. This team type is probably the best for those that focus on strategy and diversions via support characters.

Although not included in the demo, the title will also include a brand new mode, Ninja World Tournament. In this mode the player will fight against 3 CPU while collecting as many orbs as possible. These orbs are dropped when an opponent takes damage, with victor being the player with most orbs by the end of the match.

To know more about Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, be sure to check our review when the game releases this September.

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