Greed Corp (PC) Review

By Adam Ma on December 16, 2010

The great thing about turn based strategy games is there's so much room for unique and interesting design amongst them. There's no real clock to work against, no fear of players outplaying one another simply because they can push buttons faster, and that means that developers can get creative not only with the design and mechanics of a game but with the style and personality of it as well. Greed Corp is the perfect example of how much fun a developer can have with a games design, as just looking at it from afar is enough to perk one's interest; and though we've already reviewed the game for consoles its recent arrival to the Steam spotlight may have some computer gamers asking if Greed Corp is still worth a buy. Fortunately for them not much has changed, and that's a good thing.

The first thing Greed Corp tries to make players aware of is that this isn't your typical strategy game. Creating ground/flying units, collecting resources, and moving across uneven terrain are pretty standard elements in the industry today, but what makes Greed Corp special is how the player can interact with them. Collecting resources breaks down the level for example, slowly destroying terrain that's hard fought for over time. This means that players must not only balance collecting resources quickly and effectively, but that 'effective' collection means being aware of what damage they'll be doing to the world in the process.

In fact, damage to the world occurs so fast and frequently that by the end of the game there is little to nowhere left to go - save for a few isolated islands. This is where the real entertainment (or potential anxiety) behind Greed Corp kicks in, as knowing how to beat your opponent must factor in the destruction of the entire level, and not just the damage you do to it. Taking advantage of enemy harvesters sinking the level is crucial, as players can set off chain reactions to sink multiple platforms (or alternatively break almost-destroyed platforms from afar).

Thankfully the goals of each game is extremely simple. You must take over the map or eliminate all opponents. It's fine, because the constant need for awareness and quick-planning gives Greed Corp such a massive learning curve. Mastering the nuances of the game can certainly be rewarding in its own right, but on the same page anyone expecting to quickly master any strategy game is either extremely proficient at these kinds of games or really disillusioned.

Strategy games, of any sort, take a particular level of time and commitment to truly enjoy (even amongst friends), and Greed Corp is no different. Difficult, yes, but exactly how difficult really depends on what kind of challenge the individual enjoys. Learning the various nuances of the game and triumphing over particularly difficult enemies makes it all that much more gratifying. Anyone who does enjoy multiplayer that relies more on skill and almost chess-like stratagem will not find themselves disappointed here. Others may find the experience, as a whole, discouraging (though those people may already have the hindsight to avoid this kind of game to begin with).

Visually and musically Greed Corp is a real treat, providing a visual and musical experience that should make just about anyone smile. Watching the towers crumble and take tiny walker armies away with them is definitely a treat, and W!Games did an absolutely fantastic job of making a world that, though crumbling, players want to take part in. It also lays a nice groundwork for any future sequels, with solid groundwork such as this one can only hope that there will be another game simply to see what the developers come up with.

Final Thoughts

So overall, is Greed Corp worth playing? If you're a fan of any strategy game, turn based or otherwise, it absolutely is. Few games out there break forward with such a unique concept, let alone actually provide players with a challenge both on and offline. Greed Corp's active humor and imagination provide for a fun setting, but the deep mechanics and extremely unique unit/terrain gameplay are both addictive and engaging. Though some may be turned off by the amount of time one would have to spend to really get good at the strategy, this 'amount' is completely subjective to the individual. Some may find it surprisingly easy to get into, others may take a little while longer to grasp the idea. Either way, Greed Corp provides a solid experience for any gamer who needs a little more challenge in their life.

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