101-in-1 Megamix Review

By Colin Tan on October 6, 2011

Nordcurrent, maker of Wii and DS games, are bringing their Megamix titles to Sony's little handheld. Presenting players with a myriad of games, 101 to be exact, ranging from adventure to brain teasing mini-games meant for all ages, there's certainly a lot to take in and experience. However, is this collection of mini-games really worth picking up or is it just a collection of dust collecting data bits?

Evidently, there isn't much in terms of story since this isn't your next journey to save the world. What Megamix offers is quantity and variety in mini-games that range from really colourful adventure games to some mundane challenges like collecting undergarments as you skydive your way through apartment buildings. The game also includes plenty of puzzles and brain teasers. One in particular has a bear on a pogo stick trying to make its way up a series of balconies.

One of the more frustrating points of the game is that not every mini-game is immediately available for play. Players are required to play through what is available and clear those before unlocking the remaining mini-games. It usually takes several tries of trial and error before finally clearing a stage. It's a bit of a downer considering it doesn't make it easy or convenient for gamers who want to play a quick mini-game while on the bus. It certainly doesn't compare to game apps on mobile devices which are far more accessible when it comes to jumping in and out of a game.

While charming at first, the novelty of each mini-game also tends to wear out pretty quickly. This is not helped at all by the controls that seem finicky between each game at best, sometimes working really well, but most of the time being a pain to adapt to. The earlier mentioned undergarment parachute game is a prime example. Arrows indicate where an undergarment may be hanging, giving players time to shift either left or right. However, those arrows are not accurate for the majority of the game, usually indicating right instead of left or middle. You're not always guaranteed to grab the undergarment even when you're on the proper spot, which can be frustrating. Granted it's a game that isn't targeted at the hardcore gamer, but when controls fail to do what's expected at such a basic level, not much can be said even if the audience is younger.

Two players can hook up to play competitively. This is one highlight of the game if you actually have a buddy to link up and fool around with. It's all in good fun but if you're looking for something more competitive and intense, you may want to look elsewhere. With 101 games to try out and unlock, players will definitely be playing for a bit if the effort to do so can be mustered up in the first place.

The game is presented in a very cartoony style, appropriate for its targeted audience of younger children and family gaming. The style itself is pretty charming but can tend to get rather boring after multiple play-throughs of each mini-game. The sound design is pretty low budget, with the odd sound effects here and there for the sake of it.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, 101-in-1 Megamix is a pretty hard package to recommend. The game itself isn't terrible, but it isn't good either. It's not even addictive like many mobile game apps on the market. A child would easily get bored considering they never have entirely long attention spans in the first place. For PSP owners who have come to expect more from portable titles recently, Megamix simply does not win over anyone.

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