Mass Effect 2: Kasumi - Stolen Memory Review

By Adam Ma on April 9, 2011

Mass Effect 2's first piece of DLC, The Price of Revenge, was a little on the short side. Zaeed himself wasn't a very talkative man, and the mission didn't really offer anything memorable aside from being able to get the flamethrower and witness a pretty hilarious ending, depending on what choices were made. It seems as though BioWare may have been taken on board the criticism though, as Kasumi Goto, the character introduced in this piece of downloadable content is a much more lively, and likeable individual.

Just like all other downloadable missions in Mass Effect 2, The Master Thief is playable anytime after Shepard obtains the Normandy and even after the game has been beaten. It offers players the chance to pick up a new character for their team, in addition to a new weapon, a biotic upgrade and plenty of action to chew on. Breaking away from the game's norm immediately, the downloadable content starts by quickly introducing players to Kasumi Goto and her cause. She's a professional thief who's looking to take back something personally stole from her and players join her on a personal quest with no assistance from any other team members.

The break in the three-man squad means that the mission's focus is kept very tight, which is a great change of pace as Mass Effect's character-missions are supposed to be more personal situations. The entire scenario gives players a lot more insight as to Kasumi's personality, as well as her abilities in combat. Fun and witty, the new character feels more at home in Mass Effect 2 then Zaeed ever did, but that could also be because she's a much more likeable character.

Kasumi Mass Effect 2

Combat wise players should feel the full effect of only having one other teammate to work with, further putting emphasis on Katsumi's abilities. In harder difficulty levels, much more control is required over the two man squad, which perhaps highlights a potential downfall. Large groups of enemies swarm over open areas, narrow corridors, and are backed by the typical group of heavy weapons teams. Shepard's class matters a lot in this case, since two characters can only cover so much ground, and players who found themselves going with the more close range classes (such as Vanguard) may find the mission to be particularly unforgiving on hard.

Aside from the bonus mission, and mission items, the content also adds a bar to the Normandy, a new casual outfit, and some interesting dialogue options based around ship relationships. If anything it's nice to see the game's already impressive cast updated with someone who adds more variety to the combat.

Final Thoughts

With very solid pacing, a much more intimate setting and loads of fun references, Kasumi - Stolen Memory is far more impressive then The Price of Revenge in both content and gameplay. However some players may find the additional content a little bit lacking with regards to length, and they may find the ending to be very abrupt. Aside from the length, this piece of downloadable content presents a solid addition for anyone who's looking for another team member to beat the game with, or is simply looking for a bit more life in the Mass Effect universe.

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