Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time Review

By Darryl Kaye on April 27, 2011

Ubisoft's Rabbids have been something of an enigma. After spawning out from the Rayman franchise as nothing more than a simple spin-off, they've managed to become one of Ubisoft's most recognised characters and because of this, we've seen countless Rabbids games produced since their first arrival in 2006. The latest one, Rabbids 3D, looks to grow the franchise further, with the Rabbids now taking part in a full-on platforming title. But how do they fare on their travels?

After coming across a time machine, which is effectively a washing machine, the Rabbids are able to travel to various locations. But this version of the game doesn't ever expand on anything other than this. The levels start, you get to the end, and the levels end.

There isn't even any remote sense of Ubisoft trying to do anything more than this either. The most you will ever get is a cutscene which shows their transition to one of the four new worlds. The game doesn't even give you any kind of cutscene or congratulatory message when you complete it - it just acts as if nothing even happened.

Sporting the feel of a traditional 2D platforming title, Rabbids 3D is very competent. You have the ability to jump, slide and use other basic platforming elements such as a melee attack and being able to run slightly faster. All of these elements are introduced throughout the first two worlds, but there are only four worlds, so it doesn't allow for much depth in the experience.

The level design does cope well with this though and no two levels will ever really feel the same. They also last a decent amount of time too, so there isn't a huge sense of tedium. There are also special levels, whereby something is chasing you, or the screen is automatically scrolling and you have to stay ahead of it - but these levels aren't all that prevalent.

The worst element of the gameplay comes in the swimming mechanics. It slows down the entire affair and it's a bit clunky - worlds apart from how the rest of the game handles.

Different enemies are also introduced as you go through the level, but they will never help the game promote any semblance of a challenge. The vast majority of them are annoying purely because they take more hits to die due to their armour. Plus, you get given such a huge amount of both life and lives, that the only way to ever see a full "game over" screen is to purposely die.

Graphically, the game is competent. It has a rock-solid framerate, and that makes the fast-paced action even better. The 3D also isn't remotely intrusive, but it doesn't add that much to the experience either. Each of the musical underscores is relative to the time-zone the Rabbids are in, and there's even an appearance from Greensleeves when you're in the Medieval zone.

The game is rather short, with there only being four worlds to play through. It will probably last a few hours for the basic experience. On top of this, it's possible to play through each level again with new objectives, like collecting a certain amount of coins and beating a certain amount of enemies. There are also different awards that can be obtained for collecting coins, as your overall tally will unlock 3D figurines. Beating enemies will also allow you to unlock various costumes, and you can create different combinations by visiting the dressing room.

Final Thoughts

Rabbids 3D is a competent title, but it does absolutely nothing to try and go beyond that. The story is a glaring omission and the game's length should also be called into question. In short, Rabbids is fun for what's there, but there's so much missing that it's hard to look past that.

Decent platforming mechanics.
Good enough level design.
The silly Rabbids sound effects.
Far too short.
The omission of a story is glaring.
Lacks any real substance.
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