Uncharted 2: Siege Expansion Pack Review

By Jordan Douglas on May 24, 2011

The steady stream of downloadable content from Naughty Dog continues, as the third expansion pack for Uncharted 2's multiplayer, the Siege pack, is upon us. Siege offers a wide variety of add-ons such as a new cooperative game type, competitive maps, character skins, and trophies. These new offerings will no doubt satisfy regular Uncharted players - the new maps are possibly the best yet, and the additional trophies will give players something to strive for. Siege co-op mode is an interesting twist on the survival arenas, but is ultimately more of the same. However, The Siege DLC certainly adds as a timely reminder to those who've stepped away from Uncharted 2, about how enjoyable Uncharted 2's multiplayer really is.

The new co-op mode, Siege, builds on the survival mode already present in Uncharted 2. Survival mode set two or three players in one of the game's competitive maps and challenged them to survive against increasingly powerful waves of soldiers - similar to Gear of War's horde mode. In Siege, the team is now tasked with holding down a randomly generated section of the map until the wave is eliminated. Up to ten waves will descend upon players, and while this may sound like a small number, rest assured the waves will get difficult quickly. The added co-op game type is a nice feature, which requires coordination between the players, but it's fundamentally similar to Survival. Siege mode is at its best on either of the two new maps.

Uncharted 2 Siege Expansion Pack

As mentioned above, the two new multiplayer maps, the Museum and the Highrise, are fantastic. They are designed to take advantage of the features that make Uncharted 2's multiplayer stand out, the verticality and climbing. The Museum is loosely set around the heist level early on in the single player campaign. The vertical elements are so prominent because players have easy access to a chain of roof tops and ledges that are connected around the perimeter of the map. There are a number of high up, sniping locations that are difficult to reach without being seen, so it's very satisfying to reach one and start a kill streak.

The Highrise is also built to take advantage of Uncharted 2's traversal mechanics. Set in the picturesque Nepali city, famous for the roof top swimming pool scene in the game, Highrise is a gorgeous map. The war ravaged, crumbling buildings are an ideal setting for close quarters combat. Players have the option of climbing up to a number of locations throughout the map which grant access to different floors, roof tops, and scaffolding. A typical match will feature players leaping from room to room, chasing or avoiding an opponent, battles between cover in tightly packed buildings, and a number of other situations not commonly seen in other shooters. It's frantic and, above all, incredibly fun.

Final Thoughts

Uncharted 2's Siege downloadable content is a great edition to the game's multiplayer. Regular players will enjoy the variety and those who have put Uncharted 2 down for a while, myself included, will be reminded of how enjoyable the multiplayer was. The two new maps play to Uncharted 2's strengths, putting an emphasis on traversing the environment. This creates some truly memorable situations. Siege co-op mode expands on the foundations of Survival, but can feel a little too familiar. Ultimately, it's a healthy expansion that offers great value.

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