We Sing Robbie Williams Review

By Darryl Kaye on October 25, 2011

Since appearing at the back-end of 2009, We Sing has managed to muscle its way into the singing genre that was previously monopolised by SingStar. This is very evident by the arrival of We Sing Encore earlier in the year, but perhaps the most recent addition, We Sing Robbie Williams, shows how far the franchise has come in such a short space of time.

The game has been released in tandem with Robbie Williams' greatest hits, which is entitled "In and Out of Consciousness", and it features 25 of his most iconic songs from his career as a solo artist as well as a duet with fellow Take That co-star, Gary Barlow. You'll be able to sing songs such as Angels, Let Me Entertain You and Feel, and duets like Kids and Something Stupid.

For those who have experienced a We Sing title before, We Sing Robbie Williams follows the same premise. It has the same modes as We Sing Encore, although there have been a few modifications to the engine behind the scenes. You can play the game solo or with up to three other players, but in either variation the aim is to get the highest score possible.

Notes are displayed on screen with a pitch relative to each other and you'll get a score based on how well you hit the notes. If you're too low, or too high the graphics on screen will let you know and it'll give you some feedback at the end of each passage, ranging from perfect to awful. The "Star Notes", which made their first appearance in We Sing Encore are also present, which give multipliers for hitting key notes throughout a piece - perfect for playing catch-up if you find yourself lagging behind.

We Sing Robbie Williams: Let Me Entertain You

Each of the songs can be played on either easy, medium or hard and in full instrumental form, or with Robbie's vocals in there too. There's also the option to play short versions of each of the songs should you not feel like singing all the way through. But given the lack of additions to the title, it's clear that this is a game for Robbie fans and not for those who're looking to find a more substantial title than the last.

As previously mentioned, all of the modes from We Sing Encore make a return, although the singing lessons now have a personal touch to them - the voice of Robbie Williams and his likeness in the form of a Mii avatar.

What's great about the title is that Robbie has fully endorsed it. All of the tracks are the original masters, which is why the instrumental versions sound so crisp and all of the videos are there to go along with the music. There's very little to complain about, but sometimes the videos seem to get stuck during the middle of songs, which can be a bit annoying. It generally catches up, but it's not something that should really be happening at all.

Any fan of Robbie Williams will surely find plenty of replay value in this game, but to make it more appealing there are special videos to unlock for performing certain acts within the game. An example of this would be achieving a certain score. It'll certainly take a long time and a lot of practice to get some of the awards though, like getting a score of 9,000 points in every song.

Final Thoughts

We Sing Robbie Williams is a game that's perfect for fans of the iconic singer. It contains a collection of his best songs throughout the ages, right up to his recent track with Gary Barlow and also contains all of the music videos. However, it doesn't actually expand upon the We Sing franchise in any way - it's essentially We Sing Encore packaged towards a specific artist.

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