Clan of Champions Review

By Spencer Pressly on November 12, 2012

Most of you may not know of the Gladiator series, but in Japan it is a franchise that has surprisingly taken off. Because of its success NIS America are hoping to change Western perception with Clan of Champions, an online multiplayer action game where players must fight off against each other. The game is decent enough because of its combat, but in a world where titles out there have done this better, this downloadable title fails to stand out among the rest.

As a downloadable title, the amount of options are pretty scarce outside of player customization. The amount that you can adjust and change how your character looks is something most action titles let you do outside of different equipments, so it's not that impress .The main thing here is that alongside the different assortments of cosmetic changes, you can play as a human, elf or orc.

Once you have gone through the many different options and you have your champion all set up, you can choose from the three rather similar game modes. This is where Clan of Champions really starts to go downhill. There is single player, three player co-op and three vs. three competitive. Still, most of these feel the same no matter which one you choose to play as it eventually becomes a tedious hack and slash.

While the game has tight controls, even if you are playing on keyboard or gamepad, it is backed up by mediocre gameplay. The environments that you fight in do nothing to even warrant a complaint or praise, they are just generic. The AI while playing single player or co-op also doesn't prepare you at all for a real match against humans. The best the computer can do for you is get you used to easy kills and knowing the controls in a matter in actual matches.

Watching matches unfold also does little to wow on any level, as the graphics in the game aren't anything to shout about, even for a downloadable title. In a game like this where the budget is nowhere close to what the team probably imagined, it would have been better to see them own some sort of original style. The generic "fantasy warriors fighting" look also seems as overused as zombies in this day and age. Unlike most zombie games, the genre does little to stand out and make games like this blend in with all the others out there. It's all just very uninspired.

Still, in a game like this where you can get the most bang for your buck out of the multiplayer, you just have to hope that a community latches on to this game soon. If not you will be hard pressed to find a good reason to justify purchasing this game even in a Steam/PSN sale. At the time of this review finding people to play with was quite a challenge. It ranged from finding a few people no problem during prime time hours, to going almost completely dead at other times.

Final Thoughts

Clan of Champions is one of those games where if an online fantasy-action fighter sounds right up your alley and you don't want to break the bank, it might be worth a look. The lack of gameplay modes and need for a thriving player base keep this from being more than another generic title in a genre that already feels overcrowded. For most, Clan of Champions will be another game that gets lost in an already packed holiday season for video games.

Amount of player customization.
Decent controls.
Steady online play.
Visually underwhelming.
Needs more game modes.
Only fun against humans.
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