ZEN Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball Review

By Spencer Pressly on March 4, 2013

It is hard to deny that Star Wars has been a major part of not only gaming, but entertainment as a whole for over 30 years now. Zen Studios has decided to add to that, by taking some of the best themes from Star Wars and applying them to pinball tables for their many different Zen Pinball titles. The first set of tables are themed after The Empire Strikes Back, The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett and many may find this a hard offer to refuse since a lot childhoods were spent loving Star Wars and playing pinball.

No matter if you are playing on your PS3, PC/Mac, or smartphone, these tables are all the same price and off the same content. Since Zen Pinball (2 or Pinball FX2) is free, you only need to pay for the tables you are interested in, such as Star Wars Pinball. These tables also have a free demo for you to try out, which is rare to see for addition content in almost any game releases these days.

Now, when it comes to theses tables, it is hard not to just immediately fall into a nostalgia coma. They are filled with plenty of nods to the movies and shows as well as tons of memorable quotes from the source material. Just playing a hectic game of pinball with the films unforgettable score alone will make most fans of Star Wars feel justified in this purchase.

To those who are just looking into a good set of Pinball tables and may not be a Star Wars fan (even though we all should be), these still will not disappoint at all. Zen Studios continues their track record of not only making great new tables, but adding in so many more events that may not be possible in real life. The beauty is that they manage to do this while maintaining a feeling like you are actually at a real pinball cabinet.

The Empire Strikes Back table is the most straightforward and has you going through six scenes from the movie. It is nice that this is the only table simply based off a movie, but since this is the one most fans credit as the best in the series it makes sense. Each scene picks very memorable moments from the movie that require some very interesting actions to continue. Mainly it is just hard not to laugh when Darth Vader force crushes your pinball as you try and attack him.

Boba Fett's table is actually like an ode to all of the bounty hunter's best moments through both movies he starred in. While most may just think of him as the guy who fell in the Sarlacc Pit, this bounty hunter has quite a lot of moments to make you remember in this table. You will need to complete different jobs as you play through and rack up the highest score possible.

The final table focuses on Cartoon Network's TV show The Clone Wars. While the show may look like a simple kids show, it expanded lore that is better quality than any of the other prequels. This table has many mentions from the past five season and has you playing alongside many familiar Jedis and clone soldiers. Having the show's narrator talking as you playthrough the table is also another great addition to this table for fans of the show.

All three of these tables just go to show that the team over at Zen Studios is full of Star Wars fans. Every table feels like a work of art and are undeniably fun as long as you are a fan of pinball. This is a good start to what will be a bunch of new Star Wars themed pinball tables in the coming months for Zen Pinball.

As with any other pinball game or table, it is filled with quite a large amount of confusion and challenge at first. You don't really know what you should be doing and it takes time to get a feel for each table. Once you get a good feeling for where you are playing, it is extremely easy to sink countless hours into this game as you try and rack up the highest score.

Zen Pinball has many great ways to also make challenging your friends scores easier than ever. You can always see who is on top and entices you to top the leaderboards as soon as possible. There are even options for online and offline multiplayer, if real time competitive score based games are more your thing as opposed to leaderboards.

Final Thoughts

With the track record Zen Studios has, it is not surprising to see how well they were able to knock Star Wars Pinball out of the park. Each table offers something familiar while giving you a new way to play pinball. Now only time will tell what other Star Wars Pinball table themes will come out of this new partnership. Until then, these are definitely the pinball tables Star Wars fans were looking for.

Addictive pinball action
Different table themes
No JarJar table!
No 2D Clone Wars table
Difficulty curve for newcomers
Waiting for more tables
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