BlazeRush Review

By Mike Sousa on November 12, 2014

A mix between Mario Kart's gameplay with Micro Machines cars --- that's the best way I can describe Blazerush in a few words. Developed by Targem Games, Blazerush is an arcade racing game where players can use speed boosters and weapons, such as missiles, to takedown other racers and achieve first place.

The way the gameplay works in Blazerush might seem a bit weird at first, but in the end, you will realize that it's a more enjoyable experience than it seems. Unlike other racing games, every racer is never too far behind the leader. What I mean by this is that if a racer gets too far behind, that racer will automatically respawn a few meters behind the leader. This might seem a bit unfair, but it makes each race more interesting because it's never decided until the end.

Usually in racing games, especially when you add weapons to the mix, if the leader gets a big advantage, even if right at the beginning, it becomes really hard for the other racers to catch up. Considering that in Blazerush this doesn't happen, players will have to rely a lot more on their skill. This will force the leader to proof its driving skills while dodging other players' attacks, and gives those that are behind it a second chance.

The game allows players to choose between three kinds of vehicles, including standard, flying, and heavy vehicles. Each kind of vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages, which will prove to be crucial to victory. Flying vehicles feature a better acceleration but are very hard to control if you are hit by an enemy weapon, and this in turn, fall off the track if you are careful. Heavier vehicles are the opposite, weaker acceleration but more resistant to enemy attacks, while standard is something between the other two types of vehicles.

Blazerush offers three different modes to choose from: Race, King of the Hill and Survival. Race is typical mode where the winner is the player in the lead after a set amount of laps. In King of the Hill players receive one point for every second they are in the lead, with the winner being the first to achieve a certain amount of points. Finally there's Survival, which is probably the most chaotic and fun of the three modes. In this mode players must avoid being crushed by the roller that slowly gets faster as time passes or fall off the track, with weapons players use playing a major role in both these situations. There are several rounds in this mode, with the amount of points racers earn in each of these rounds depending on how long they managed to survive.

However, despite the variety of vehicles and the game's enjoyable modes, there are also a few bad things to point out. One of the things that I found to be most annoying was using the analog stick to both drive and accelerate, something that sometimes makes it hard to control your vehicle specially when considering there's no brake button. The camera can also be a problem sometimes, as due to the fact that it tries to show all racers on screen it results in it being far away from the action and not showing what's ahead of the leader. Lastly, when several players use their weapons it's hard to understand what's going on in the middle of the chaotic action, sometimes that's especially more noticeable in Survival mode and when the camera is far away. But despite all these minor issues, the races are fun and addictive.

Players can also choose if they want play the game alone or with other players. The game's single-player component features a career mode in which each race has its own objectives. By completing an objective players earn a medal, and these in turn, are used to unlock other races. If you are interested in playing Blazerush with friends, the game supports 4-player local multiplayer and 8-player online multiplayer.

Presentation-wise the game doesn't disappoint either. The game's graphics are smooth, detailed and very colorful. There are lots of different tracks, each with its own background and setting. Each of these will have their own sounds and music that set the mood perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Blazerush is a very fun racing game, even more when you are playing with friends. From the simplistic races to the chaotic moments from Survival mode, there's always something thrilling and addictive in these races. Although it has a few minor issues, players will get an experience that's definitely worth their money.

Great variety of vehicles and weapons.
It’s a blast to play with friends.
Career mode offers a lot of challenges.
Driving is restricted to the analog stick.
Has some camera issues.
Enemy A.I. could be better.
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