inFamous: First Light Review

By Spencer Pressly on September 7, 2014

Less than six months have passed since inFamous: Second Son released on the PS4 and already Sucker Punch have produced a standalone prequel in the shape of inFamous: First Light. As it's a standalone expansion, First Light doesn't require you to own Second Son, but it is highly recommended that you play through it first. Still if you don't want to spend a lot of money on Second Son, First Light is definitely a great sample of what you can do in the main game and for those who have played, it offers a good excuse to visit Seattle again.

This time around, you play as Fetch. She appeared in Second Son as the neon wielding superpowered conduit that lives in Seattle with her brother Brent. The two have been on the run and mostly living on streets ever since their parents discovered that Fetch had powers. The two started dabbling into drugs and doing all sorts of crimes around the city just to get by. Fetch was very unstable with her emotions and as a result she lost control of her powers. However, Brent was always able to calm her down. Enter First Light.

Fetch and Brent are about to do one last big job before they leave the city with enough cash to give them a fresh start. That is when things go bad and continue to get worse, as Fetch gets caught up in the of a gang war and Brent goes missing. The story is simple, but the performances by the game's cast really sell it strong. Laura Bailey's depiction of Fetch is stellar and it reminds us which Second Son needed more involvement from this character.

The story switches between the past and present, with sections focussing on what happened after Fetch was arrested by the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.). The main villain of Second Son, Augustine, returns and is training Fetch to work for her. However, she wants Fetch to tell her the story of how she lost her brother. Despite the shifts, the pacing is decent and feels better planned out than Second Son. It's just unfortunate that First Light makes one of the biggest mistake a prequel can - it contradicts some of the major events that Second Son told us about Fetch.

Most of the contradictions appear at the end of First Light so it's difficult to get into specifics, but it is a shame that Sucker Punch either forgot their own story or thought they needed to "George Lucas" it. Still when it comes down to it, the gameplay is what keeps most of us coming back to the inFamous series and First Light doesn't disappoint. While Second Son had four powers for you to upgrade and explore, First Light understandable only gives you the neon power since you now play as Fetch.

Fetch's neon powers are almost identical to Delsin's neon powers, but that doesn't stop her from having a few neat tricks to make playing as her feel different from Delsin. The major changes are that Fetch can now go through neon gas rings littered around the city in order to travel faster, she can hit enemy weak points to turn them into your allies, and she also her own super move that can wipe out a whole block in a matter of seconds. You will be using these powers to run, jump, and glide all over the top half of Seattle in First Light.

Along with completing the story missions in First Light, there are plenty of side missions, collectibles, challenges, and even a wave based mode that has you competing against the world. Considering this is a standalone product, it's surprising how much there is to do. If you own Second Son, you can also jump and play as Delsin with all four of his powers unlocked.

First Light is chalk full of things to keep you busy, even after you have obtained the platinum trophy. Completing all of the game's challenges and upgrading all of Fetch's powers will take you around 15 hours depending on your skill level. The presentation was just as impressive here as it was in Second Son with the incredible facial movements on all the characters. The biggest surprise in the presentation was actually seeing so many comic book cutscenes, since Second Son used more ingame cutscenes. This was a nice change of pace and more like the past inFamous titles.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for a reason to get into the inFamous series, or just wanted to learn more about Fetch, First Light comes with a recommendation. It builds upon the positives from Second Son from a gameplay perspective, but does suffer some contradictions and that's a real shame.

Fleshes Out Fetch’s backstory
Endless Challenge Arenas
Playing As Delsin (If you own Second Son)
Major Story Contradictions
Graffiti mini game is somehow worse
Not playing as Delsin if you don’t have Second Son
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