Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation Review

By Shawn Collier on August 23, 2015

Idea Factory International has been on a roll with their Hyperdimension Neptunia releases this year on Sony's PlayStation Vita, with this year alone already getting three new titles in the franchise. The publisher is adding a fourth to that list with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation, a port and reimagining of the third game in the franchise Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. So how does it compare to the original game? That depends on what you're looking to get out of the title.

For those who didn't play Victory, Re;Birth 3 has you playing as the series main character Neptunia once again. After the events of the previous game, she's become complacent and ends up de-levelling herself back to Level 1. After a series of events, she ends up transporting into a parallel universe back in the year 1989 where another character called Plutia is the controller of the region Planeptune that she used to control back in her universe. And to make matters worse, a group called the Seven Sages is out to take over the world. So in order to return back to her original universe, she has to work with the alternate universe's CPUs to take down the Seven Sages.

Unlike the original Re;Birth game which was heavily reworked, the storyline and gameplay mechanics in Re;Birth 3 is essentially the same as the one present in Victory. We mentioned in our review of the original game that there was a number of issues with the original game, and for the most part those same critiques are present in Re;Birth 3 again. The developers did carry over the Remake mechanic original present in Re;Birth 1, which does do something to reduce some of the padding present in the original, but that doesn't fix the inherent flaws present in the game. It feels like the developers did the bare minimum to port this game over to the PlayStation Vita, compared to the massive rework the original Re;Birth title received.

Graphically, if you've played the prior two Re;Birth games, the graphics in Re;Birth 3 are around the same standard. If you've recently played Victory you'll notice some minor downgrades, but the lower graphical fidelity of the PlayStation Vita's screen compared to an HDTV does a lot to mask up the flaws.

Final Thoughts

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation feels very much like a standard port you'd see of a prior generation title ported to a newer system. There's minor tweaks to add in some new things from games released after the original did and some minor differences in the graphics, but the underlying game is still what you remembered long ago. If you enjoyed the original and want another go around, it's worth the purchase. But if the issues mentioned in our review of the original game turn you off, there isn't any changes here that will change your mind.

The Remake system found in the previous two Re;Birth titles returns here and is a welcome addition.
If you enjoyed the original game, what was present there returns again here.
The Vita's screen hides a lot of the issues due to the minor graphical downgrade compared to the PS3 version.
If you disliked the original, it's essentially the same game with a few minor tweaks.
The battle system mechanics still has the same flaws as they did in Victory.
Compared to the first game, this seems like more of a port than a reimagining.
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