Fallout 4: Automatron Review

By Lauren Alessandra on April 11, 2016

It's been a while since Fallout 4 was first released and with that being said, probably a while since many of us have visited the Commonwealth unless you are still in the process of exploring everything it has to offer. Now with the release of Fallout 4's first DLC, Automatron, it's time to revisit the lands we conquered months previously and fight a brand new enemy who has threatened the lives of the Commonwealth's people.

As the name suggests, Fallout 4's Automatron DLC is all about robots. Robot customization is probably the biggest component that this DLC has to offer aside from a small storyline that helps to acclimate you with the customisation process. So with that in mind, does Automatron offer us a good enough reason to revisit Fallout 4 or should fans leave Commonwealth to rest in a radioactive grave?

The DLC's storyline starts with a distress signal which leads you to a horrible scene where a group of humans lie dead and the only survivor is a robot named Ada. With a fleet of angry robots closing in, you must decide whether or not to take action and it's from this point that you venture forth in search of the Machinist, a crazy power hungry leader who has somehow instructed the robots to kill humans in order to save the Commonwealth. Finding the Machinist hopefully will answer a few questions and, with that, help to keep the robots from massacring humans.

The story is pretty minimal, but in true Fallout fashion, Ada's struggle to understand her feelings of grief for her fallen companions offers some endearing moments which are enough to make you feel for her. She can be your replacement companion from this point on as you attempt to sort the mess the Machinist has made.

To do this, you're sent around the Commonwealth to gather beacons which can be used to help you find the Machinist's hiding place, but without delving too much further with spoilers there isn't much else to offer. There is a sweet easter egg, should you choose to use it, where you can get some additional dialogue by dressing up as the Silver Shroud and taking on the Machinist with the Shroud's silly over the top dialogue, but other than that, it's just your average take down mission complete with a major robot showdown.

During your quest to find the Machinist, you will learn about robot modification and creation. The format is very similar to the power suit modifications that you should already be familiar with from the main game. By collecting certain items and levelling up your perk chart accordingly, you can create a fearsome fighting robot companion. You can also customize Ada. Perhaps you'd like to give Ada tank like legs with claws for hands? Maybe you'd also like to give her a lovely coat of pink paint? Nothing is off limits when it comes to customizing robots it seems.

There's also a new group of enemies that have managed to creep in alongside the Machinist. A group known as the Rust Devilsh have arrived who use the new robots and their parts to their advantage. Whatever robots they can't reprogram, they dismantle and repurpose their parts as armour. Their appearance is really fun and interesting as they utilize what they can find to create their looks and armour. They're a group that probably would've done well if they were introduced in the main game instead of DLC as you would expect there to have been a group much like them if you were to think about this apocalypse realistically.

With all that in mind though, I think they get a bit lost in the mix. While they're quite advanced with their hacking, they're no more a threat than the Raiders, so it would've been more interesting if they were much more savvy. This might be due to the fact that you can access the add on features starting from level 15, so were they to have increased the minimum starting level, I think they would've been more of a threat, but in Automatron, they're just a fierce looking nuisance.

In terms of collectibles, there's a lot of extra stuff you can work with here. There is, of course, the massive array of robot components you can collect including robot heads, weapons, and so on. There's also Tesla T-60 armour which you can collect which offers you bonus energy to your weapon damage. There are also some extra side missions that have been added where you track down robots that have 'gone wild'. Only 5 trophies have been added with 3 of them related to the DLC Quest. The other two involve unlocking 10 robot mods and then building 10 of them which are both really simplistic to obtain.

Unfortunately, the game is still plagued with glitches and game crashes are still just too often to ignore. There are also moments where you're left waiting as your NPC attempts to unstick themselves from whatever unfortunate situation they've managed to put themselves in.

Final Thoughts

Fallout 4: Automatron has clear pros and cons. If you're into building and customizing things like robots, then this DLC should offer you tons of content. However, if you're more into Fallout for the story, this DLC's quest can be done in just a few short hours depending on how high level your character is. The Commonwealth still suffers from some annoying glitches, but overall it's still a fun little piece of DLC if you have the time to dedicate to it.

Massive Robot customization offers hours of content
What's there of the quest involving the Machinist is interesting and fun
The little easter egg added with the Silver Shroud makes the quest more fun to experience
Fallout 4 is still plagued with game breaking glitches
The story is quite short and if you play Fallout for the stories, you might be disappointed
Although the Rust Devils look amazing, their entry through the DLC falls flat a bit
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