Full Mojo Rampage Review

By Mike Sousa on July 17, 2016

Full Mojo Rampage is a unique roguelike game with a few RPG elements added to the mix. Originally released on Steam for PC, Full Mojo Rampage is now available on consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One will be more complete and polished than the PC version, as developer Over The Top Games added new modes and some visual improvements.

As with many roguelike games, such as Rogue Legacy, players will most likely fail to complete any quest during their first attempt. While you fail in your first attempts, you will earn experience and gold, which can be used to level up your character and upgrade your pins, respectively. Pins are items that give you perks and bonus stats. You have the option to choose between different masks before each quest, with each having its own active and passive abilities. However, there's a lot more to the gameplay than this.

The game features four different quests, each with multiples levels and at least two boss battles. Each level has a specific objective that must be completed before you can progress to the next one. These objectives can go from collecting a bunch of items to closing portals. Although this might seem like it will be easy and short, you will soon find out that you will need to level up a bit and repeat quests several times before you can finish all four. In addition, each quest must be completed in one go, which means that you if you die in the last level you will have to restart from the first level of that quest.

Like I said before, each level has its own objective, however, the objective won't be in the same place each time you retry a quest, though, as the layout of each level will be different every time "“ it's randomly generated. Although the nature of the gameplay makes the game a bit repetitive, this simple feature helps to keep things fresh and different every time you play.

As you progress through each quest, you will you pick up items and equipment. The equipment you obtain gives you stats boosts, such as more health or speed, while items can be used to refill your health, cast a spell that attacks all nearby enemies, summoning minions to fight for you, among other uses. Unfortunately, you don't get to keep any of these items if you lose, which means that every time you start a quest you start with nothing.

There's a bit of strategy involved when it comes to all this, as you can only carry a set amount of equipment and items. This means that you will have to consider on what will be useful to you, for example, whether you prefer equipment that boosts your health or attack. The low point of this system is that it relies a bit too much on luck. Sometimes you will be awarded with really good equipment and items, which makes your quest much easier, while in other occasions you might get useless equipment or have a really hard time just finding a potion.

Players will unlock new difficulty settings after completing each quest, allowing players to test their skills in a more challenging mode. However, the game offers a lot more replay value than just this, as it also features a few more game modes, including a Survival mode and several multiplayer modes. Survival, just like its name indicates, tasks players with survival several waves of enemies. As for multiplayer, the game features several competitive modes, such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, while also allowing players to invite up to three friends and plays quests in co-op. The game supports local multiplayer as well, which is always a nice bonus in these kind of games.

Full Mojo Rampage does a good job with its overall presentation. The art design is great and it's something that's noticeable not only in the scenarios around you but in the enemies as well. As for the soundtrack, while not perfect or amazing, it manages to create an atmosphere that fits quite well with all the action taking place on screen.

Final Thoughts

Full Mojo Rampage is a roguelike game that delivers a solid experience that's both challenging and fun. It features some really good ideas with the addition of RPG elements, but the fact that sometimes relies too much on luck makes it a bit frustrating. Even if you have to replay quests several times, randomly generated levels allows you to take part in an "infinite" loop that helps the game feel less repetitive and different every time you play it. Even with its few issues, the overall gameplay and the local and online multiplayer make Full Mojo Rampage a game you should give a chance if you are a fan of the genre.

Randomly generated levels add variety to the quests.
Upgrades, pins, equipment and items add a lot of strategy and challenge to the gameplay.
Local and online multiplayer.
Only four quests to complete.
Luck plays a huge factor in how easily you complete a quest.
A huge amount of grind is needed to complete everything.
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