Welcome To Gaming Union v5

April 1, 2017, 7:58PM EDT

If you're viewing this staff blog post, you'll notice that Gaming Union as a whole looks quite different this evening. After over a year's worth of effort completely reenvisioning, redesigning and coding Version 5 of the website, we've finally launched publicly.

While an aim of Version 4 was accessibility on mobile devices, v5 was built from the ground-up with that purpose, as you'll see with the bottom-bar navigation and filters present when viewing the site on a phone or tablet in portrait orientation. In addition, there's other OS-specific features such as UI coloring for Android & Windows Phone devices and high resolution icons when pinning the site to your home screen, among other extras.

As far as the content-related updates, we've aimed to make finding and filtering the content much quicker and simpler. As you'll see in the masthead navigation, all of the important links are laid out in easy view, and the platform-specific pages list the latest news, reviews, features and previews for that particular platform. For the news, features, previews and interviews you can filter both by year (and month for news) or platform.

For newer content-on, we'll being using higher resolution imagery (including when it comes to screenshots). And you'll also see new features such as inline quotes styled in headlines (a few of the older headlines have been updated to use this, but newer headlines from now on when applicable will use this).

There were some features from v4 removed, however. The games database has been removed entirely and will not be returning in the future. Post-launch, we'll be looking to add features such as additional filters similar to those that were in v4 for the existing sections and new features entirely.

What are your thoughts about Version 5? Is there anything you'd like to see in future versions? Let us know in the comments below.

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