The Team

Darryl Kaye

Founder Editor-in-Chief @DarrylGU

Darryl co-founded Gaming Union and the Gaming Union Network. He handles the day-to-day running of the website while also providing coverage in the form of news and reviews. He holds a BSc in Computer Science, with a speciality in Computer Graphics and has worked as a composer on freeware video games.

Shawn Collier

Software Engineer Associate Editor @ShawnCollier

Over the years, Shawn has developed into a brilliant coding mastermind and handles much of Gaming Union's development as a result. He also has a strong affinity with classical Japanese video games and brings this knowledge to the table in droves. He holds Masters in Computer Science.

Lauren Kaye

Podcast Host Associate Editor @fozzness

Lauren originally featured on the website as a co-host on the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast and has since gone on to become the show's primary host. She now contributes to Gaming Union on a regular basis and is one of the site's main personalities.

Beyhan Moustafa

Community Manager @juxtor

Beyhan is a very prominent member of the Gaming Union team, working as both a super moderator on the forums and as the occasional news writer on the website. He's got a love for PC gaming that nobody else can understand, but that's what makes him so special.

Blair Nokes

Reviews Editor @blahr_

Blair joined Gaming Union quite a few years ago, and after contributing a ton of reviews, has shown he has a rather critical eye. He now serves as the main Reviews Editor for the site.

Mike Sousa

Chief News Writer @MikeSousa21691

After rising up through the Gaming Union community, Mike has become a valuable member of the team and now serves as Chief News Writer.